Lendal - shortening straight shaft?

-- Last Updated: Jan-08-10 6:10 PM EST --

Does anyone know if the Lendal staright shafts can be easily shortened by a few inches on the ends? Carbon, varilock model if it makes a difference.

I used to have one but forgot how it was made and if the diameter of the tube remains the same on the ends. If it does, I suppose it would just be a matter of cutting off the end and drilling a new hole for the key? I also don't remember if it had special reinforcements making the shaft stronger but the inside diameter different towards the ends where the paddle blades lock-in compared to the rest of the shaft tube...

Anyone has a shaft handy to check this for me?


Depends on their mandrel taper
as to how much but probably gonna vary a bit end to end. Pull a part from one end and stick it in the other and see. Bet its no big deal.

Shorting Lendal paddle shafts
I’ve cut several shafts down from 230 or 220 to 215 without any problem. Ray

Thank you both!
I don’t have the shaft anymore to look at, hence me asking here. But thinking of getting one again for travel since the 4 piece is so convenient …

If I screw-up with the shortening, I guess I can still use the ferule to make a 2-piece GP out of it some day -:wink:

I believe
the end has an extra wrap to support the stress.

what size is it? and what size do You plan on changing it to? might trade sizes with someone…I have a few different sizes.

Best Wishes