Lendal Storm or Xrange 700???

I have found that I like the lendal blade shape based off using some of their older Scottish made paddles. I am considering buying a new one. I realize it is a different company now with different designs etc.

I am not sure whether to get the storm or the xrange. Unfortunately I can’t test paddle one near here. Any input is appreciated



more info…
I should probably add some more information. I generally use a Werner Cyprus for touring, and a Saltwood Reggie for surf.

I would probably use this paddle to replace my Cyprus, although if it had really good bite and bracing surface then I may use it for surf too.

For touring I like to paddle on windy days and surf wind waves so I would want something that would not wear you our (like an Ikelos) but still offered good acceleration to catch wind waves.



What about the Celtic Paddles. They appear to be the identical design to the older Lendals, or are they different?

I guess I am a bit confused since there are now two companies that appear to be using the Lendal blade shape.



X-range is original Lendal blade face geometry which provides excellent catch and good power / efficiency. Storm is “essentially” same blade with some dihedral added to the face. This was to address the notion that the traditional face geometry was a bit more difficult in combined strokes, sweeps, rolling etc. Dihedral makes the blade more forgiving.

So, is more forgiving yet still powerful and efficient a better option than the traditional paddle geometry that “may” be a tiny tiny bit more efficient in forward paddling?? I paddle the traditional Kinetic and am so used to it I don’t find it catchy, but others have.

The dihedral will definitely be a smoother blade for combined strokes and probably the better blade for most paddlers. It would NOT be an admission of weakness to opt for the dihedral. Smart move actually on Lendal NA’s part.

What I know of Celtic paddles is it’s Nigel Dennis’s operation and essentially older manufacturing methods etc. Not sure beyond that. The NA folk have invested hugely in technology…maybe too much so for such a small market / margin operation…

Just pick one and go use it. Have fun.

I like the new NA shaft.
I’ve seen the Celtic Nordkap and Kinetics. They are the same as the original Lendals, which I have. I also have the Lendal NA Kinetic 700. The new Lendal is quite nice. Especially noticeable is the shape of the shaft. It’s a wonderful feature when it comes to blade angle control. And it is actually still very narrow where I would typically nick the hull when planting the blade. Placing the old Lendal on top of the new Lendal NA, there’s a very slight difference in the outline, but you really have to look closely to notice. The foam core and foiled back face are more noticeable, and I think an improvement. The new NA shaft is great. The more confused your situation in the water becomes, the more you will appreciate the shaping, the ovaling of the new shaft.

If that isn’t enough, they’re made in the USA.

I’ve never tuned myself to dihedral, so at this point I have to adjust to that shape more than others. But most paddles are dihedral, and therefore most people’s feel for paddles is likewise tuned. When you’re used to controlling a blade’s natural twist away from the hull, and you go to one that will have a natural twist towards the hull, I imagine you could feel tripped up a few times in transition. I’m a fan of the spoon shape, but that’s one to decide for yourself.

If you are coming from a Werner
you will probably like the Storm more. If you really liked the feel of the Nordkapp then you will like the Kinetic more.

A lot of people like the new bent shaft design, but I am not sold on it yet. It feels nice, but I still prefer the old design - maybe its just 10+ years of the old design.

A lot of people like the dihedral blades because they feel more “forgiving”. I interpret that same sensation as “not providing enough feedback”.

If you want a good blade for your surf kayak get a Lendal NA Rebel.

Lendal demos
Matt, I’ve got some Lendal NA paddles for you to demo. Give me a call to coordinate. Ed / VASKC