Lendal Storm Paddle???

Anyone out there using this paddle? If so what paddle did you switch from?

I am going to replace my touring blade and debating over the Storm or a Werner Cyprus. Not sure I like the catch on the Cyprus. Just doesn’t have the immediate bite I have come to like with the Lendal blades I have owned.



keep it out of ‘Storm’ surf
I paddle with, mostly the Cyprus, my preference.

For variety, I also paddle various others (including wings & GPs)

A few years ago I bought and used a Storm for a while. I did like it - comparable with the Cyprus.

Reason I stopped using it - I broke it, my fault. I used it in surf above its capability. (carbon in moderate surf)

While I liked the paddle, I really don’t like the Lendal ‘key’ to lock the shaft - that’s my preference, many like the feature.