Lendal Storm vs. Kinetic Touring S?

Can anyone tell me how the new Lendal Storm differs from their Kinetic Touring S (the one with the 650 blade size).

They appear to have a similar blade shape,and the size is the same, but I do know that the Storm has a dihedral design, but I am not sure how much of a difference that makes.

Also, can you buy just the blades for the Storm? From what I have seen online I have only seen it offered as a complete paddle. I assume the blades would be compatible with all all Lendal shafts.




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I was hoping more of the hype about the new Lendal would come to be true, but based on my very quick first impressions of the Storm, it is not as light in the blades (more swing weight) as competing models such as the Werner Cyprus. And if I recall right, it was the 2-piece Storm that I looked at and 10cm shorter than my Cyprus, so the weight was not due to the additional joints or length... It is by no means heavy like their old Kinetic Wing is, but you can notice the difference side by side with a light paddle like the Cyprus. I did not paddle it, so can't help you there.

Hi Matt,

You’re going to get bits and pieces of intel here.

The Storm is only available in a 2 piece arrangement. Now as I’m newer to the Lendal NA scene I don’t have the Kinetic experience to contrast it with.

I do like the entry and grab the blade has compared to the Cyprus. As to swing weight that’s a tough call. Don’t know that I can tell a difference.

It did very well for me on the Watertribe Okoumefest UltraMarathon. I won. http://wp.me/pFgdM-FN

See you on the water,


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