lendal variable feather angle

Has anyone used a lendal with a varilock joint yet? How are they compared to Werner, or other companies with this tech? Is it as sturdy as their paddlock single feather angle design?

Yes it is sturdy…
I like the Lendal design as it appears etched and printed on the variables and not a decal that comes off. Additionally, The left and right hand control enables you to enable any member of your to paddle with it. The joint is really solid.

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I have Lendal
I have a Lendal standard shaft, and I can attest to how solid it is.

I have played with the variable shaft, but never paddled with one. I believe it is as solid as the standard Lendal shaft I have, and wish I would have seen it before I bought the standard locking shaft I have been using. I would have bought it instead.

I have several of the standard crankshafts…have the variloc on order…if the paddleloc sys can lock in three different places (blades etc) and be solid, it should be able to lock in more places and be just as solid

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Does any water leak in from the joints?
I have two 4-piece paddles. One is a Werner and one is an Aqua Bound. They both collect water in the hollow shaft where it attaches to the blade. This significantly increases the weight of the paddle after it has been used for a while.

Is there any leakage into the shaft on a Lendal? In other words, when you dissasemble the paddle blade from the shaft does any water come out?

sometimes a few drops, nothing that I could tell by paddle weight



Just a few drops (NM)

Shafts filled with foam
You have about a 2" section at each joint where a little water can get in.

That said, sometimes I go home, and check the blades, etc, there is only a few drops that run out.

Nothing I would ever worry about.

5 piece Lendal
I like and use Lendal paddles. I have a Nordkapp crank 5 piece, but have gone to a 4 piece. I had wanted a 10 degree feather and a 217 length. In theory the 5 piece would be just the ticket. Well, no. Getting the variable features to really lock in was troublesome. It would take torqueing the key much harder than Lendal would recommend for long term health of the hardware to lock in the settings. Over time, on a paddle, it would work loose and the feather or length would be changed. Also, the hassle of setting it all up and tearing it down and cleaning each joint after each use got to be a a little much. Maybe I got a bad copy. More bother than it was worth.