Lendal - where to buy in the USA?

“S” vs. "mid size"
Thanks all for the advice. To clarify, Lendal makes two sizes of the kinetic touring blade. The smaller is the “S”. REI turns out calls it “mid size”.

I compared the size of the “S” Kinetic to the Nordkapp and it is not that much smaller. Both seem to have a shape that would be quite efficient, especially the Kinetic. Both are a little smaller than my current Powerflex paddle (which is what I think I want - smaller than it) but look like they will have a better efficiency. The “S” might just work well for longer trips as you say.

I also fixed, at least for now, the crack in the used AT Xception SL paddle I bought last week (with some ugly epoxy seam) and will paddle that as well to test. It looks very different and I suspect will have a lot less catch than either lendal I got. It may be too small for me, but the shaft feels sooo good in the hand that I want to paddle it for a while to figure out.

I have not yet tested ANY of these - had to straighten-out the AT paddle mess (got a cracked paddle advertised as “excellent” so I had some PayPal resolution steps to go thru). Got that done with last night, so I could epoxy the crack - looks like it cured overnight and it will be ready to paddle in a few hours. My Lendal blades came, but my shaft is still on order so I can’t try these either!!!

Hopefully by the weekend I will have tried them - it’s very hard looking at them lying in the garage and not being able to paddle them -:wink:

I overspent on these and I do not need them all, so I am eager to test and decide what to keep what to sell/return. I have a gut feeling that I will keep all the Lendal if the shafts are good and may end-up selling the AT if it feels too small. Don’t know yet…

They also make a Kinetic Xti which is a larger blade similar in size to the mystic. It is, however a dihedral blade with less spoon than the mystic. I have both in carbon and while they are a little heavier than the werners, for instance, they are much tougher and stand up to more abuse in the rocks etc…

Kinetic XTi
Yes, this is a river/ww blade mostly. I see where one can use it for sea kayaking in rough conditions though. Probably too much for me.

As for toughness, the Nordkapp CF indeed seem stronger and tougher than the plastic Kinetic and weigh about the same. I would think the XTi is probably similar, since it is about as heavy too…

Now, when can I go out ant try all these options -:wink:

Lendal weight

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According to Rutabaga the Lendal carbon 1GF bent shaft weighs 353 grams or 12.4 oz

the Nordkapp carbon blades weigh 270 grams or 9.4 oz

21.8 ounces? Is this right?

The Werner Ikolus is 28 oz?

For some reason I thought the carbon Lendal was about 27 or 28 oz also?

I read somewhere

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that the weights are not accurate. Then again I read that someone measured them and that they were indeed accurate. So, information is conflicting -;)

I still do not have the shafts so - no idea. The CF Nordkapp blades I have are heavy - they are a within a few grams of the plastic Kinetic Touring. The CC or whatever the name was for the full carbon version is about 100 grams lighter.

Comparing the half AT Xception SL older model paddle I have with me (which is supposed to be pretty light) to one plastic Kinetic blade from Lendal (no shaft) the AT half paddle is heavier by about 1/3 if not more (sorry no scale, just compared them on a "lever" system for relative weight). Since the half Lendal shaft should be pretty light as well, I expect that the total weights should be pretty low and accurate and with full carbon blades the Lendal should be in line with other 25oz-ish paddles. Just keep in mind the shaft lengths when comparing - I think Lendal weighs the 220cm on the site.

found this

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with the search:

Which means all of the websites are off with Lendal weight?

Edit: The Lendal site seems to also be off on the Kinetic S carbon as well which is identical to the Arcipeligo.


just weighed some Lendal cranks
I have a 210, a 214 and a 216
the 210 shaft weights 10 oz
the 214 shaft weights 10.3 oz
the 216 weights 11.4 oz
I have carbon Archipeligo and Nordkapp blades

the Archipeligo blades weigh 16.2 oz
the Nordkapp blades weight 16.39 oz

the pair of drip rings weigh .8 oz

best wishes

This weekend
I’ll get scientific and let you know for sure.

I’ll get a 32oz beer, take few swigs, and see if it feels the same as a 28oz paddle.

one swig of beer = 75 grams


ok, back to work!

I just found

This is “Flatpicks” Steve’s kayak center in Portland.

By far these are the best price on paddles I’ve found.

Not sure why no one mentioned it yet?

I wish I had known about this place before I ordered an Ikelous yesterday from REI.

Alder Creek beats REI including the 15% discount, and has 3 day shipped included.

If it hasn’t shipped out by tomorrow, I’m canceling and calling Alder Creek.

Alder Creek is a great store. Flatpick,
when he owned it, set the bar real high for kayak stores. Pretty much anyone else can limbo under that bar as far as I’m concerned. The new owners are doing a good job at maintaining kayak store greatness. Flatpick isn’t just a pretty face. He knew what he was doing.


Just Darn
After looking at prices can you say ONNO?

I can and I may -:wink:
But I wanted to paddle a little with a bent shaft to figure out how I like it compared to straight, and unfortunately there are no ONNO models with a bent shaft available.

Plus, I still do not know 100% exactly what I want - talking to Patrick and based on paddling my very heavy and powerful first paddle (compared to my lighter but weak other first paddle), I thought that I wanted a large blade.

However, as I progress, I begin to feel that a paddle this large is too much for me and I should go for a smaller blade.

So, I don’t want to buy a new paddle till I figure out blade size and bent vs. straight.

Prices are crazy for the “top” brands. I don’t need a $450 “mistake”. Used or demo is the way to go for me for a while, so that I can resell without too much loss sholud I not like it. I have no paddling buddies with large paddle selections to try, unfortuately -;(

Haven’t tried
an Onno, but think it would be a great value for a straight shaft carbon paddle. I also talked with Pat for some time on the phone so he has a great service . He also makes the rudders for Huki surf skis. Go Pat!

The first paddle I bought was a Bending Branches off eBay for $89. It had the adjustable length and feather so I could figure out what length I liked. The blade was way too small for me, but I learned to kayak with it.

I then picked up two used Lenadal paddles from the East Coast Kayak Expo. The P&H company were switching out to Werner from Lendal so I got a great deal on a bent and straight shaft.

I also need a larger blade so I went with a Werner because they were in stock and had a nice discount. I can also send it back if it isn’t right for me.

Anyway, everyone goes though a lot of paddles before they find what they like.

The Kinetic Tour or S, is a great paddle. Nice catch and no too big. Then you can get a larger one to complement it.

I’m sure there are other paddles out there that would work just as fine.

I’m just a beginner but thought I would share my not so ideal experience.

At least I haven’t hurt myself yet. How much is that worth? $$$$$$ I’ll also have a few paddles to sell on eBay which will be fun.