Lendal - where to buy in the USA?

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I decided to try Lendal bent shaft carbon + Kinetic Touring mid-size (not "S") blades. Very few sources carry them in the US though and I have not been able to demo them. Next best thing is to chance and buy them and if not what I hope they would be, rely on the REI 100% satisfaction guarantee...

I gather the shortage is due to manufacturing issues after the company transferred operations to the US under new ownership/mgmt...

Anyway, I'd appreciate suggestions where to get the Kinetic Touring blades in carbon. I ordered from REI the carbon shaft and plastic blades to try. If I like the feel but not the weigth, I'll search for carbon blades and just return the plastic blades most lilkely, so now I'd like to see hints about who sells the blades (and at reasonable cost!). Of if you have a used set for sale, let me know.


Main online sources
http://www.rutabaga.com/lendal_fitter.asp http://store.kayakcentre.com/browse.cfm/2,137.html

Appomattox River Company has them

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Appomattox River Company in Virginia has Lendal paddles. http://www.paddleva.com/home.htm
They will have a demo day on June 14. Check with them in advance to see if you can demo the paddle you want.

Kayak Center
The Kayak Center in Rhode Island are really knowledgeable.

I called them yesterday about the Kinetik blades and one of the guys uses them himself.

They will recommend you test them somewhere first if you aren’t sure. Once I tried to buy a kayak from them and they talked me out of it, because I hadn’t tested it! So they believe it what they do and not just trying to sell you something.

You could keep the plastic blades and pick up a cheep shaft for a back up.

I would go with them, because Lendal is really good about replacing the paddle if there is a problem.

Hope they work out for you.

I’m waiting for another few months for cash back on credit cards points, then get the Kinetic even though I have the S’s.

When you paddle over 10 miles you will get a better appreciation for the Kinetics. Maybe that’s true for all paddles… you get in a grove where it catches the water just right, and you didn’t realize how perfect a stoke can be with just the catch.

I think you will have a good technique because you seem to be asking the right questions.

My guess is that any good paddler can adjust to paddle size and length.

Sometimes I like to tilt the blade up a little so it acts like a wing.

hope it works out for you!

Got mine from Rutabaga
They are excellent to deal with. Lendal paddles are now owned by Johnson Outdoors. If Rutabaga doen’t have what you want in stock they can usually get it quickly from Johnson, who will ship it to you directly.

there’s a group on there selling shafts cheap right now (at least were there a few weeks ago). Close-out stuff.

But Rutabaga is great for getting Lendal products as well as advice on what you might need.


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I had looked at Ruttabaga. They and REI are pretty much the only places that seem to carry them on some sort of a regular basis that I could find online. Called some Lendal dealers in my area listed on Lendal's web site, but they had stopped carrying the brand due to availability...

I've been checking eBay as well - the East of Maui were having close-out on shafts but did not have a bent carbon, only straights. Interestingly enough, their direct price on the same item from their web site was lower than their eBay price by may be 5%.

I ended-up buying a Nordkapp CF demo pair from Appomattox off eBay today at what I felt was a fair price. This will allow me to resell it at little loss should I not like it enough. Will combine that with the CF bent shaft I ordered from REI for about $140 after some 15% off.

Once all pieces get together, I will get a chance to compare the more powerful Nordkapp with the Kinetic to make-up my mind. If the Kinetic has a better feel for me, I might just return them to REI and try to get a carbon or fiberglass version to save some weight (if I can come to grips with the added cost of losing 3-4 oz...)

Return Every Item

It might just be that -:wink:
I plan to keep their carbon shaft but the plastic blades may or may not work for me - depends on how heavy they feel. Their “100% satisfaction” guarantee is the closest I could get to a “demo” with these paddles it seems…

I just bought a Lendal glass-straight shaft with plastic Kinetik S blades. The glass shaft was surprisingly light. The plastic blades are a bit heavy. All assembled, it is all very well balanced, not too heavy, but certainly not the lightest. This is my back-up paddle. I use my light-weight paddle for mileage and the plastic bladed Lendal for rock and surf zones. IMHO the ‘S’ blades are perfect.

Also, I purchased through Rutabaga and they were great.

I used to work there
and unfortunately it is so true.

You should see the items some folks had the nerve to return. But the reply was always: “Thank you for shopping at REI”

Sierra Trading Post returns
We sometimes go to the Cheyenne store. Among other things, it has a bargain basement (bargain basement to a bargain store?). Anyway, I once saw a disgusting wetsuit on the bargain hanger. Looked like someone had used it–probably had no intention of paying for it, so he bought it and used it for a trip and then returned it for full credit. I mean, this guy didn’t even bother to wash it before returning it. What a pr*ck.

Thanks for all replies!

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Looks like I'm set for now. If I like the plastic Lendal Kinetic Touring on the carbon shaft, I might just keep them for durability and peace of mind. If they feel too heavy, Ruttabaga is on the top my short list of 1 vendors who has the lighter carbon or fiber Kinetic blades in stock -;) . REI has the fiber version and with a coupon is a few dollars less than R., not enough to care I suppose, except that it is local.

I also just bought last night a used AT Xception SL paddle that I expect will be a bit lighter than the Lendal and will probably have a different feel due to the dyhedral blades (the Lendal I read are flatter).

So watch for some impressions here in the coming weeks comparing Lendal Kinetic touring (plastic), Lendal Nordkapp (CF), and AT Xception SL (carbon). I don't want to keep 3 blades, so one of the Lendal's will end-up on the classified section most likely as I suspect I may like the AT.

If anyone in the Washington DC area cares to try them while I have them all, shoot me an e-mail. Unfortunately, all of them are still in the mail but there is a slim chance the Lendals may just make it here for the Memorial Day weekend -;)

Someone said that “mid-size” is not the same as “S” for the Kinetic blades. It turns out, “mid-size” means “S”. So I ended-up with the S size, not the regular size as I expected…

Still no shaft and the non-S size is backordered, so I can’t try either, yet…

The specs are also different - the “mid size” is 7.1" wide, the non mid size is 7.5" on REI’s web site. Confusing and I ordered the wrong item. Or it may turn I ordered the right item after all -:wink: if it turns out I like the smaller size better and can may be combine with the larger Nordkapp blades to handle both power and distance …

Lendal: REI & eBay vs. Paddle Stores
Many won’t like this post, but somebody needs to say it: You would have avoided this entire problem had you simply called the folks at Rutabaga, who just about ALWAYS know what they are talking about, rather than depended upon the REI website (or most of their staffers) who USUALLY have little idea of the the correct answers to technical questions. If you REALLY want to get the right item, as opposed to trying to find some sort of great deal which ends up costing you WAY more than doing it right the first time, call or e-mail a real paddling store rather than someplace that gets a cheap price on some left-over stock but has NO idea how to sell it. I’ve been an REI member since 1974, but the idea of buying paddling equipment (nevermind something as technical as a Lendal paddle) never occured to me. Rutabaga is a paddle store; that’s where you should be shopping.

Quite right, but

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I am not at all sure the particular paddle/shaft will work for me. It is much easier to do an exchange/return at the store, which is local to me. Plus their price after rebate was competitive (actually a bit lower taxes and all).

The smaller paddle will at least allow me to get a feel for the paddle. If I like it, I'll keep it. If not, back it goes and if just the size was an issue, Rutabaga will get my business, since REI is out of stock on the larger size anyway.

You are right they are clueless most of the time. Even for basic stuff. But they are polite and have good customer service, which is all I need in this case (having the right descriptions online would have helped of course, but is not critical). The shaft has no estimated arrival date so I can't even try the paddles... The East of Maui eBay offer for a $75 or so shipped straight shaft carbon begins to look very appealing at this time - I can use that as a spare or give to my daughter/wife and have a good paddle at a very decent price.

By the way, the plastic paddles are the scotland-made version. And interestingly enough, have the same blemishes as the Nordkapp demos I got from Appomattox (check my other Nordkapp/Lendal post) - I suppose, not a problem if both models have them. Must be something with the way they make them...

Lendal, REI and Rutabaga
Your response is much more polite than my post. What I meant, and didn’t say very well, was that a specialty shop, such as Rutabaga, would seem to be the natural place to go first for an item with as much narrow technical knowledge as Lendal paddles. Great Luck. Paddle On!

You seem to know
what you want. You said you tested these paddles?

I think the Kanetic Tour carbon would have been better for your size.

But if you have tried these heavier blades and are fine with that they are less expensive.

If you aren’t happy with the ones you got, then send them back. If not there is always eBay.

hope this helped

I’m just saying I would have saved some money had I gone with an all carbon even though it seemed expensive at the time.

My suggestion for anyone is Kanetic Tour, Kanetic Tour S (Carbon)

Or Werner Ikolus or Shuna (Carbon)

If REI has 15% discount on $450 that brings it down to $375. With the return option what’s there to lose except return postage?

Anyway, hope this helps.

Couple of points
I have the Kinetic Tour and also the Kinetic Tour S, but haven’t heard “mid-sized” mentioned anywhere - at the paddle shops I bought them or from Lendal, etc. It could be that by calling one or the other mid-sized is causing some confusion.

The “S” is only slightly smaller than the other version, but feels a whole lot different. I’m a big guy who also has a Nordkapp paddle but find myself going for the “S” a lot, especially when going a long distance and/or with a heavy boat. Plenty of power with the “S” blade.