As of yesterday (oct 3rd 2006) Johnson outdoors now owns Lendal!!!


Only a matter of time now …

Resistance is Futile?
So, yet another manufacurer is assimilated by one of the “Borgs of Paddling”. Too bad.

Patrick, I hope you’re small and nimble enough to keep out of their crosshairs!

in X-number of years if Patrick has a chance to convert his business into a secure retirement, who could blame him? Sure, losing an independant builder is always sad from the consumer’s point of view, but a substantial offer cannot be overlooked. I would not begrudge him.


Notice please!
Patrick… Just give notice to those of us who paddle your blades so we can make any purchases we may be contemplating at the time! I would personally pick up a spare (or two) at that time just to have them!

Ha na … we are just crumbs on the
floor … I do think I would like to work for Chouinard… maybe

always seems to find it’s way into “Top Ten” lists (places to work, places for working mothers, green employers etc). You may have something there.