lendel kinetik touring?

Recently aquired a lendel paddle with kinetik

touring blades. The bent shaft is really comfortable but the kinetik blades feel why to

tiring for all day paddles. I’am used to Bending

branches tail wind evening blade. Would switching

to lendel asymmetric blade make this paddle

doable for all day paddles with loaded boat? I’am

used to wood paddles with more flex.

kinetic s
Kinetic is an asymmetric paddle.

Kinetic also comes in smaller size - Kinetic Touring S

Try the "S"
The Kinetik Touring “S” blade is a little smaller.

This give you a little less “Bite” in the water, but also takes less energy to paddle long hours.

If you do not need the bite of the larger blade, the “S” should work nicely for you.

You could try the Archipelago blades (they fit on your Lendal paddle shaft ) too.The full Kinetic is a big blade.

The Lendal Kinetics are not dihedral, so they really have a powerful catch and provide excellent forward power. This may be what you are experiencing if you used to use a heavily dihedralled softer flexing paddle. Agree that the S would be a better option.

Touring S Great
I use the touring S super light blades and they are great. Enough bite/power for mortals and an easy all day paddle. They may seem tricky/squirrely at first coming from a more forgiving dihedral paddle and they will take a "set when sculling and rolling, but within a little time you will get accustomed to them and the power of a precise instrument will be yours. Something akin to becoming accustomed to a high performance boat.

Archipelago blades
Would this blade be the easiest in the lendel

line up to paddle?

Probably Jay

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It has a softer catch secondary to a more centralized area distribution than the Kinetik and is designed for distance touring. Might be perfect for you.

Archipelago blades still not that easy…
At least not compared to the Epic Relaxed Tour blades. The Archipelago blades are much harder on my shoulders than the Epic.


I still like wood paddles better
Thinking of selling lendel paddle, any takers?

lendal paddle
i have a slightly used set of archipelago blades and would be interested in a trade - what length is the shaft?

Hold on a second
As someone who recently also bought Kenetic Tour at the start of this season, I would say give it a chance. The first several times I tried the paddle I felt it was too big and even experienced some shoulder pain for the first time ever. I stuck with it though, eased up a bit on the force I was applying and watched my form and now love the paddle. No pain anymore and lot’s of speed and tons of control in big water. It is a different feel than a low angle blade obviously. I would also make sure the shaft you have is short enough as longer requires more effort. I went from a 230cm on a high angle small balde to 215cm on the Lendal. Having said that, if I only ever paddled flat water I would probably have a smaller blade.

215 cm
In lenght, I’am so used to the flex of wood not

sure I can get used to it. I paddle rough water

but the 5 1/2 inch blade I have now works well &

I have a trick elbow that flares up sometimes.

I’am thinking of long term joint health and

considering greenland paddle.

I’ll take that Lendel …

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off your hands... it's exactly the length, shaft and paddle-type that I'm in the market for....is it carbon? I am currently shopping for such a Lendal

Greenland Paddle

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A greeland paddle is a great choice!

possible trade
I’d even consider a trade for a greenland paddle

Like boats, paddles
need to feel right to you. Even though the Lendal is a superb paddle, it may just not give you the feedback you are used to and like. Unless you are racing etc., the only thing that matters is that your stroke is safe on your body, and you are happy. You may opt to give it some time and perhaps allow it to be the catalyst that improves your technique, or find something that feels better. No bad decision.

if it is padlok system then i would
trade arch. blades for kinetic blades…

drop a line if you wish…


your right
Go with what feels right. Wood just has that

warm just right feel. I just feel more connected

with a wood paddle, if that makes sense. The little bit I’ve played around with friends greenland paddles I’ve liked as well. I’ll maybe

give lendel a while & see if I grow to like it.