lenght of anchor rope

I’m planning a trip to Hilton Head and am planning on taking my anchor. I read that if you find some shrimpers you’ll probably come accross some dolphines. So i was thinking that I would just throw down my anchor. The question I have is how long should my anchor rope be. I should be within a mile from shore at all times, I don’t even really want to get that far.


50’ - 75’ should easily do it
you wont need much, there is not a ton of deep water around there and the backside of the island is shallow – great place to view wildlife for sure

Currents are tricky at full flood, but worth the hassle.

Forget the anchor
you are talking about a channel with commercial vessels - that is no place to be anchored. You have a large potential for problems in a place where there is a lot of boat traffic. There is no need to anchor yourself anyway.

Anchor line

I really can’t see any real reason to carry an anchor and line in a kayak, but the general rule for determining correct length of line to put out is: In normal conditions, use a line that is three times the water depth. (30’ line for 10’ of depth). In storm conditions, use up to a 10/1 ratio.

NOT in the channel
ive paddled all over the Hilton Head area, tons of creeks just off the channel to watch the shrimp boats and such, you need an anchor in a 5-7 knot current to stay still unless you plan to work the whole time you are watching “stuff”

it’s very shallow along the creeks but more line is better


water depth
that’s exactly my problem, I can’t find the water depth anywhere

check maptech

You can view and download charts (with depths) and topos for anywhere including HHI.

If you don’t have one, consider getting
a Bruce claw anchor. Great holding power in a stiff current or waves, light, fairly compact. West Marine and Boater’s World usually carry them.

Anchors are for fishing!
Holding position using your paddle is easy enough. Even on rivers, holding position is usually no problem. Aren’t shrimp boats always on the move? Might you be better off having some mobility as they pass? If it were me, I’d leave the anchor at home if all I wanted to do was “stick around” in a particular area.

alakem - I’ve done this many times at HH
I’ve paddled out from Braddock’s Cove in Sea Pines into the channel (Calibogue Sound) between Dafuskie Island and Hilton Head.

You’ll usually see a shrimp boat or head boat coming in around 6PM or so and the dolphins are usually right there with them. You will also see the dolphins in that channel when the tide is coming in.

Trust me on this - you don’t want an anchor. Just forget about it. It is unnecessary and it is definitely a potential danger to you.