Length of actual material in KeelEZ Kayak Kits?

I need to redo the strips on my two day boats. The web site does not specify the length of material in the 16’ kayak kit, so I don’t know whether it is enough to manage the one that is actually several inches over 16’. Or come up towards the deck at the bow and stern for either boat.

I sent in a question via their web site form and tried calling, again had to leave a message. Am not getting an answer. Would appreciate if anyone who has used one of these kits could answer.

I would think @Marshall would know as The River Connection is a KeelEazy dealer.

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@Celia as I usually do the installation of KeelEazy, I don’t know about the kits as I order the KeelEazy by 100’ rolls. I did just get a shipment in of white, black, red and yellow if any of those fit your needs.

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Marshall / riverconn sells it by the foot order what you need.

Oops answer already there.

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Solution in progress, thru Marshall. Thanks all!

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He has many solutions.

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