Length of Kayak 12 or 14?

what a bunch of comments! all good mind you.

best bet is to try the boats out first. The 120 has less wetted surface so it does accelerate quickly but glide is less (shorter). both boats track similar, tho the 120 is a tad better, and shorter and easier to edge turn. both have similar stability platforms.

btw- length has nothing to do with tracking. the Tsuanmi 120 tracks better than MANY sea kayaks 16+ feet. longer boats also need to be able to turn!


Length of Kayak
I got a Tsauami 120 this spring and find it a perfect fit for a petite individual.

180 huh?


Getting It On The Car
A longer kayak is EASIER to get on top of a vehicle. You never have to lift the entire boat above your waist. Just place your boat next to your vehicle (or your vehicle next to your boat) then raise one end of the boat up at a time.