Lens Cover

A while back, someone had posted about a lens cover they had made for their camera or camera case. I have searched for it in the posts but can’t find it.

If the person is still here, would you please explain again how you made it?

I have a Cannon waterproof case but need a lens cap for it especially when it’s raining.


Why would you need a lens cover for a waterproof case? I have a Cannon waterproof case and just wipe off any droplets that may cling to the lens before framing and shooting.

when it’s raining and you are taking pictures, the lens on the waterproof case gets wet and after being in the rain for a long period, you tend not to have anything left that is dry to wipe it off.

I wear my camera around my neck when I am paddling so I can get pictures without having to open a bag or case.


Watch for Eric Nyre, or email him.
He has pictures of a really slick foam case, from which the camera can be pulled quickly for action with no drops or mist on the lens cover.

Go to B&H Photo’s website
Huge selection of photo-related gear. They probably have what you want.

why not try
some rain-x on the case ?


The case is not the problem, it’s just
the lens cover. And that lens cover is coated. As a long-time user of Rain-X, I would not put that stuff on any coated optical surface, nor on any “serious” optical surface. Trials on old eyeglasses showed that Rain-X subtly degraded optical clarity. On a car windshield, it makes no difference, but even then, properly applied Rain-X leaves a cumulative fund of tiny microbubbles that are bothersome to look past when driving toward the sun. Of course, Rain-X relies on wind or gravity to blow water droplets away, and it wouldn’t do a good job on a small lens surface.

Windshields yes. Lenses no.

RainX = methyl EtOH, aka rubbing alcohol

I use a small
piece of chamios (3"sq) and it works when wet, just squeeze it out and wipe. ( I keep it attached to the strap)

Lenscrafters tells me not to use
alcohol solvents on my coated lenses. But it’s what Rain-X leaves after the alcohol evaporates that does not belong on a Canon waterproof camera box.