les cheneaux

I’m brand new to kayaking. A friend of mine has a sea kayak that says “Les Cheneaux” on the side. She doesn’t know who made it or what it is worth, but says she’ll sell it to me for $500. Does anyone know anything about these? Is it a good deal?

Yes - I’ve Owned Two of These
Check very carefully around the seam which holds the deck to the hull. These kayaks were known for leaking around this seam.

These were hand built by a guy in Michigan who I believe is deceased. The hull design is nice; it is a fast kayak which turns well when edged.

It is 17 or 18 feet long and 22 inches wide. It has a skeg, correct.

If you don’t buy it, let me know. Value in great shape - $1000 to $1500. Value in poor shape - almost worthless…