I am going skydiving tomorrow & wondered if I sould take lessons? I am, however, a great faller & have fallen many times. Unfortunately, it was when I was younger so I am not quite sure if the impact will be the same.

I consider myself a pro skydiver, although I just started out yesterday… Well, thought about starting out yesterday anyways.

I want the best parachute out there, but money IS an object & I will be taking my Tilley if that matters in the advice you have for me.

Thanks in advance!


C’mon people! Are people really this stupid anymore?! Does ANYONE have common sense now adays?!

Paddle easy,


I agree
Go for it coffee.

I always thought that being a pro golfer would be the life! All that money, lots of travel, beautiful outdoor venues at manicured golf courses, the noteriety, and golf groupies. Wow. I just bought a cheap set of golf clubs at Walmart and figure to start the tour any day now.

hey coffee it’s not the fall that hurts it’s the sudden stop that gets ya.

have a good time


I watched someone do this on YouTube. There is a little cord you have to pull somewhere around your shoulder. I’m not sure exactly where it was because the video was moving around. Sorry, I can’t find the link. Anyway, just jump over some open water and you should be fine as long as you can swim. If you aren’t near the ocean then just make sure you see some trees down there. They might be hard to see that far up but once you descend they will get bigger and bigger as you get closer. That should break your fall.

And don’t be descourged if you don’t land on your feet the first time or hit a power line. Practice makes perfect!