Lettering for boat name

I am getting a new kayak this year and need to put a name on it. My past boats had letters made from two sheets of adhesive backed vinyl. I put white over red. After I cut out the letters I trimmed about a 1/8" of the white off the edge, leaving a white letter with red outline. Worked fine and stuck to the poly boat real well. Now I can’t seem to find this stuff. There are letters available but I prefer to use my own design. Anybody know of a source for adhesive backed vinyl sheet in red and in white? eh?

Art supply houses
like pearl art or??? Sure they are on the net.


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military-graphics.com ,,, jim pierce there has tons of stuff and they make custom stuff also.


Sign Shop
Try a sign shop. They use this stuff to cut out lettering on computer controlled machines that look like the old traction feed dot matrix printers. The one I deal with probably has 20+ different colors on rolls about 24" wide. I’m sure you could find a shop that would sell you a few inches of the raw material.

West Marine
West Marine not only has letters for such but provides the service of printing custom ‘decals’ for boats. You have your choice of fonts, size, angle and/or arch, etc…

Thanks, hexsledge
I sent an E-mail to Jim Pierce asking for this item. I need sheet because, as I stated, I do my own design with script/cursive style lettering. I like to march to a different drummer from time to time. I am also stubborn when I get on a track like this. (grumpy old man?)

Ditto Sign Shop
I kept mine simple and just asked for the material…sold it to me cheap and I cut them out.



Andy, looks good
My first run at this was with a sailboat in 1986. I have seen this boat recently and the lettering is still intact except for some fading of the red. That one was Beachcomber. My next is going to be Beachcomber III.

Big thanks to
all of you who responded. I found some sheet vinyl today. A sign shop, “Fastsigns” had the right stuff. Thanks again gang.