Lettman Paddles

Hey everyone, I’m formerly Sirius - since I’ve had a significant gear change I’d figured I would need a change on here too.

Anyway my question is, since I have moved in the direction of a Valley Rapier 20, through my employer, a surfski racer. I would think that I would like to purchase some racing orientented paddles rather than my low angle paddles from werner. I was thinking the LCS 70 Nordic from Lettman? Even though I live on the interior and have access to 2 large lakes, Okanogon and Kalmalka, and the BC coast is not far either, four hours. I will be returning to NL next fall where I will want to increase my miles per day on open water, including crossings.

I will have to rely on the opinions of paddlers here , thanks in advance everyone.


Googling Lettman brought references
to paddles, but I was not able to bring up their home site. I recall finding it before, but…

Anyway, Dog Star, do you have any links that show Lettman paddles? I’m curious.

Might be a type: Lettmann!

Thanks! Usually Google will help me
around a minor spelling error, but this time, no. It was interesting to see the Lettmann Alpin kayak… a friend had a composite Lettman Alpin back in the 70s… one of the first designs drifting toward creek and heavy water use.

U.S. Distributor

Lettmann Paddles
You may not get much feedback on this question. The Penguin Paddlers have only recently started to import these, I believe in partnership with Sean Morley. Sean is the only paddler I have ever seen using a Lettmann. I borrowed his Liberty LCS 50 on a paddle and ordered one of my own. It is a wonderful and beautifully made paddle, but not a racing paddle or an ultralight paddle or a wing paddle.

I have only had my paddle a month or so, and I don’t know if Capt. Penguin (Garth Schmeck) has sold any to anybody else. As far as I know, the LCS 50 is the only model they have in stock, and only in 215cm. Garth does not use this paddle himself and I think he became a distributor because his friend Sean thinks the LCS 50 is the best paddle ever. I think Sean has also used their wing paddles, and they may have sponsored him when he was in Europe. I’m sure they could get you a wing paddle, but it would be a wait.

If you want some specific info on the Lettmann paddles, drop me a pm and I will forward it to Sean. He is very familiar with their paddles and uses them and imports them.

My only concern with the paddle is the new feather system they use - it is a screw type and works great. But if you break the paddle down, be sure to keep the screw tightened. I didn’t on my first trip and was hunting for parts in my car as the road bumps vibrated the screw loose.

Penguin has some wing & racing paddles
I stopped by the new Penguin Paddler’s store which is opening in Rocklin, Ca. It is not open yet - I just dropped by to see if they needed any help.

The paddles are all in the store, including a good supply of several Lettmann’s, including the racing paddle you were interested in. I don’t think the phone has been turned on for the Rocklin store, but you could reach Garth through the Redding store if you are interested in that paddle. It looked very nice, but I know nothing about wings or racing paddles.

never heard anything bad about Lettmann paddles, but since you are in Canada, you might check out Turbo Paddles too. solid carbon wing paddles…super tough. I love my Turbo sprint blade, though it’s possibly a little on the big side for a marathon/surfski paddle.