Lettmann Design Kayak information

I have this kayak that I’d like to find out anything I can about. It is 14’8", made by HiPP, a Mithril, Lettmann Designs. Dates back to the '70s I think.

It takes some skill and I think it may even be a racing kayak. I tried it once in a lake up north and tipped over without even feeling a wobble coming, but that may speak to my skill level more than anything. If anyone has any ideas on worth or has interest in it, please let me know. As I said in my intro post, we’re more of a canoe family and my 77yo dad (the kayak’s owner) has no business going out in this thing and could use any proceeds more than another thing taking up space in his garage

If anyone needs more info or pictures, let me know. Thanks


I’ll have to get that for you tomorrow morning

I don’t really need it. But if it’s less than 24" it is more a racer as you say. It is more a white water than a Sea kayak.

It is an old downriver or slalom kayak. Current models are a lot more advanced, so it is maybe a museum piece.

If there is a local slalom club, maybe they would want it.

Beam measures just at 24". Here’s another picture that hopefully shows hull profile a little

ah that lettman looks like the my first kayak, a blue lettman. Plastic boats came out and I got tired of patching glass (it was well abused when I got it used , and I had the habit of abusing it also) so I never looked back. Pretty much stuck with plastic since then. What’s it worth? Assuming you don’t want to paddle it yourself, I think $50.00 and that’s if it doesn’t have any major cracks (leaks).