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Since I paddle GP exclusively and have a traditional hands in the water low angle paddling stroke, gloves/mittens have been a preoccupation. Greg Stamer mentioned that he and Freya used LevelSix mittens on their trip around Iceland, so I ordered a pair. On several paddles with air temps in the 30s, wind to 20knots, and water temps in the low 50s, my hands remained warm and comfortable. The mittens are fleece lined and so are easy on and off. Though you can't pick your nose, finger dexterity still is quite good. No problem working day hatch, adjusting goggles etc. Easy slide on the paddle and good feel with forward stroke, turning strokes and rolling. I've tried all the usual suspects (Brooks mittens, various NRS gloves, Henderson diver's gloves, Nordic blues etc.) and nothing comes close to Level Six mittens: http://levelsixinc.com/ . The search may be over! Highly recommended (Thanks Greg).

JS - My hands are large (size G for gorilla, and no the old adage is not true). Do you know how the large/xl runs?

Also, have you found these mitts to be waterproof? I just tried NRS Toaster Mitts, and both leaked right off the bat; well, after 20 minutes…


I have large hands, but not xl, and I have room to spare. No leakage, none, zip, at the seams or at the wrist seal. They are about 25 dollars US plus shipping, so not too terribly expensive to try, and you could always return if they don’t fit.

Thanks John
I’ll give 'em a try. I had some problems Friday with the liners bunching up in my Nordic Blues.

Thanks for the info
I find the my pogies plenty warm, but limiting in the winter.

These like the perfect solution at a great price. (It’ll be nice to be able to slide my hands up and down the paddle again).

I just submitted my order and am looking forward to trying them out.

Thank for the info.

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I may add these to the Glacier Glove All Purpose Glove ($13.50) at http://www.gloveman.net/item172569.ctlg That I should be recieving in the mail in the next couple days. It's good to have options and the price for those mitts is reasonable enough to add them to my choices for cold weather paddling.

Edit: I added the direct link to my Favorites: http://levelsixinc.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=62&category_id=17&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=36

Using them for a year
I have a pair of their mitts and pogies. On my hands they are snug, almost a vacuum seal. I cannot get too excited about handwear, but they certainly work well. I like them more while canoeing just because I prefer using gloves with pogies while kayaking. The Level6 Pogie is really short. I wouldn’t recommend them without a glove as they barely covered my wrist. They are stiff enough that it is easy to slip our hand into.