Lever lock adjusting kayak paddle

Does anyone know of a supplier for the length locking device that ONNO used to use on his two piece paddles?

The little lever on one of mine has corroded and broken off and another one is getting just as bad.

Please don’t say contact Pat !

He was going to send me a couple over a year ago, and a few months ago when some of us got e-mails from him he repeated that he would try and get a couple to me.

Enough said !

If any one can put me onto a supplier I would appreciate it.

Jack L

Is it similar to Epic’s?
If yes maybe they could sell you a part. Not having seen the Onno paddles in person I can’t tell how similar the two mechanisms are.

Got one
Jack, email me your address and I’ll send it to you.

I need one too
I need one too. So please keep the ideas coming.

No , it is differnt
but thanks for trying

Jack L

Thanks a bunch Andy
It is coming your way

Jack L

I will actually be needing another one
too, and figured if I couldn’t get any I would “jury rig it” by drilling out the hole where the metal pin goes and make it a tad bigger. Then put a small bolt through it with a lock washer on one side and a wing nut (to take the place of the lever) on the other.

Hopefully I can find the bolt and wing nut in stainless

Jack L

Don’t drill it out
If you look closely at it, the screw goes into a metal retainer and tolerances look very close. You may damage the entire assembly. The lever itself is a hard plastic and is held in place by a screw that screws into the top of the “pivot” screw.

carbon tubing connectors
here is a link to a carbon fiber tubing clamp connector. They are lever clamps.


On mine the lever is cast
aluminum. It never would have broke if it was plastic.

Evidently that is why they switched to plastic.

Kind of like the abortion of the Smart Track rudders how the aluminum housing rotted out so bad that it looked like wood eating termites ate them.

They switched them to plastic and now they are fine

I’ll have no alternative except jury rigging them if I can’t get replacements.

Jack L

If I can’t

Check your email Jack

Hmm Austraila

That is the correct one and it seems they have a polycarbonate one that won’t corrode along with the one that is aluminum and NG for salt water. For now I’ll hold off, but contact them if I need to, but many thanks

Jack L

Thanks for trying to help, but…
that is not the one I am looking for.

Jack L

Jack I found alu lever locks
somewhere on Amazon. Dang if I can find them again. I was just curious what lever locks are. I have some that adjust feather angle but not length

Patrick (Onno Paddles) made me a paddle in May which I have been using since – it’s a great fit for me. However, when the temperature were warm, it was hard to break down the two piece paddle. I was able to dismantle it when in cooler Canadian waters by letting it sit in the water. However, as the water temperatures heated up in August, this was no longer an option and it didn’t solve it in warmer Florida waters, either. I e-mailed Patrick and this solution which he sent worked: “Get 320/400 wet/dry sandpaper…lightly sand the ferule (WET) … Use 14 sheet and go right up to the shaft interface with paper edge then down to end opf ferule evenly. Use sort of a twisting/wringing motion while up and down. Rotate the paddle between up and down… Do maybe 2-3 times full length of ferule. Rinse and check fit.”

Hope this solves your problem, if the other solutions haven’t worked. > @JackL said:

Thanks for trying to help, but…
that is not the one I am looking for.

Jack L

Sorry…I responded to what I thought was a sticky paddle problem which was posted several months ago. I inadvertently hit the post before I could correct it. Patrick still uses the same locking device. You can e-mail Patrick at paddleshop@hotmail.com

He’s been pretty good about responding to e-mails from me. He has been busy helping hand build an outrigger canoe in Hilo out of one very large tree recently.

He admits to not minding the shop and customers in the last few years, but says that all that is now behind him.
Give him another chance. If you haven’t been able to fix the problem, you’ll at least gain a working paddle again if he does right by you.