lexan repair

a real groaner, materials geeks only, a silly question if there ever was…

i dropped my old fav Nalgene bottle, put a crack in the bottom. now it leaks. it’s got a nice pnet sticker on it, an NDK one from the ASSC, yada yada.

do ya think i can seal this crack with any nasty chemical or glue?

i don’t want to just chuck it!

chuck it…
sorry but a repaired water bottle? and it just leaks a little…

or Good Luck!

steve (who has a stickers on water bottles/clip boards/ tool box/ etc collection too!)

Repair kit…

“retire” it
I wouldn’t chuck it. I would slowly pull it up to the rafters while the national anthem plays.

Or display it on the mantle.

Would you really want to drink from the nasty chemical you used to repair it with? I’ve recently heard rumours that suggest polycarbonate is not the best for storing water anyway, with polyethelene or steel being preferable.

Good luck in any case.

alright i get it
i’m a nutter, i’ll toss the dam bottle… throwing away gear is so not in my nature…

Use it for some eco hunt stash.

Methylene Cloride
If the crack is tight-fitting, you can essentially weld it with Methylene Cloride.

Unfortunately, Methylene Cloride is really nasty stuff. I wouldn’t want to drink out of a bottle repaired with it. I mean, it would probably evaporate really quckly, but …

Recycle It
Have you thought about taking the lid off and mounting the bottle on a wooden base and turing it into a pencil holder?

Any day on the water is a great day!


Contact Nalgene…
They warranty their products for life. I dropped one of my bottles that was at least 10 years old and they replaced it for free. All I had to do was send them the broken one.


Other stuff
I would repair it with JB weld and then use it to store other stuff like your kitchen kit,lighter,flashlight,first aid etc if you’re a kayak camper. That way you can keep it and buy a new nalgene bottle for drinking water.


Why not just put a baggie in it?
Or depending on size use bottle liners.


retire it
for liquids and use it for rice or beens or peanuts or…

super glue
just run a bead of super glue along the crack. then use it for first aid or survival or kitchen kit. The bottle is still tough and pretty water resistant.