Lexel, revisited

I sealed my bulkheads with Lexel two years ago and now notice that they are leaking and the Lexel has hardened. The Lexel was very soft for the first year. Is two years the lifespan of this product? Thanks.

Bout right Dave
Depending on environmental factors this seems reasonable. Kayaks, like cars, larger boats etc, need regular maintenance. It’s normal to reseal bulkheads, hatch ring surfaces etc in poly boats annually, and do the occassional composite repair every so often. Kayaks flex a lot while on the water and over time sealers can break down, minor stress cracks can occur etc. Normal wear and tear.

Rip the old stuff out, dry the area completely, sand a bit, and apply the new stuff. Tongue depressor works well as does a wet finger. Fix it and paddle it.

I wonder how that tape would work
I think next year or so I’ll try that hippo patch tape. It seems to handle flexing stuff really well.