Installing a bulkhead in my polyethylene kayak. Anyone out there know if Lexel is the right product to use? If so, where do you get it?

Hardware store
Any good hardware store should have it. Not a big box, but a REAL hardware store.

I have not used if for your application but I use a lot and it sticks to everything!! Wear gloves!!

Good stuff
Lexel seems to be good (some mfg. will actually send it with replacement bulkheads). I have also used 3M 5200 with good results.

Lexel …
is common in Ace Hardware stores, and I’m sure many others. It comes in a handy small tube or a large tube for a caulking gun.

I used it to install a bulkhead
in one of my kayaks. Got it from the paddling shop I frequent, whom I also bought the bulkhead from.

Yep, good stuff
I sealed a removeable bulkhead in one of my boats with it 4 years ago – still bone dry.

For the price, you can’t beat the performance, IMO.

I used it…
to plug holes in in the scupper tubes in my SOT. Good stuff. The previous poster is correct. It is very tacky, don’t get it on you.

According to the manufacturer it can’t stay wet for indefinite periods of time. After nine days of being submerged it will begin to deteriorate.

I used SHOE GOO a couple of years ago to seal a manufacturer’s improperly sealed bulkhead in a poly kayak.

I used it because I had it on hand, and needed to paddle in 24hrs. The bulkhead seal is watertight, and flexible to this day. I was SHOCKED how well the SHOE GOO bonded to the poly! I may try and use it to secure canoe anchors for float bags.

Just a thought…


Great stuff. Don’t get it on you. Seals well, stays flexible. You can get it at Ace for about $7, it comes in white or clear.

Amazon in Canada
Couldn’t find an Ace in Canada, but was able to order it from Ace U.S. via Amazon.com.

Seems to do the trick, but wish I had worn latex gloves.

All the GOOP products…
…including SHOO GOO are the same thing with different labels. The only exception is that Marine GOOP contains UV inhibitors, but that’s not important for use on bulkheads. They work fine for that purpose, though I find that Lexel spreads somewhat easier.