LF: places to paddle Ontario

I’m looking for some more places to paddle that I haven’t yet discovered. I’m a flatwater river paddler and like to do extended day or multi-day trips. I’d like to stick to Ontario and possibly Michigan/New York if it’s something special. I’d like to hear some peoples experiences in this area so I can add it to my “Must be Paddled” list.



check out
myccr.com ccr = canadian canoe routes

more info there than you can shake a stick at - routes, tirp reports, specific province forums, resources,etc

yeah check out myccr—has every paddle route in all of canada. 200,000 miles of routes listed

Thanks guys!!!

expensive, but worth it to some of us
in case you weren’t aware, its quite expensive to do trips in Ontario. for example, the per person backcountry camping fee in Quetico PP is $15 per person per night for US citizens if you drive across the boder to start. more or less the same in other provincial parks. a non-resident has to pay to camp on “Crown Land” (equivalent to national forest land) as well, and some areas are specificallyoff limits to non-canadians. car camping at a provincial park is even more.

Slate Islands
We went to the Slates this past summer - great trip, great water, great camping. This is a good 3 or 4 day outing. We hired a water taxi to get us over to the islands…not brave enough for the open cross.

A day trip described, Michipecoten R.

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Western Ontario rivers are seldom "flat" for long. But portages of rapids and around falls are often well marked.

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Ontario paddling
Hi Steve,

i’m in southern ontario. There are lots of great locations to paddle, including many on crown land where there are no fees for primitive camping.

I tend to lean towards georgian bay trips when i have 3 or more days. While there are days the bay can be rough, you can usually find areas around the islands where great flat water paddling can be had.

I’m not into doing paddling trip reports, but heres one online you could read thru.


There is a paddlers group called GLSKA that paddles the bay frequently. They are online.

If you want more info about where to paddle, launch, etc. drop me an email.

Happy paddling.



crown land has fees for non-residents
"i’m in southern ontario. There are lots of great locations to paddle, including many on crown land where there are no fees for primitive camping."

that only applies to canadian residents - US paddlers have to pay to use crown land, and there are areas of crown land that off limits to non-canadians (.e. for residents only)

Website with info
You can check out our website. We’ve documented countless trips all over Ontario in Film, blogs and photos.


There’s a google map to show off the route and areas


Way steep
The fees for non-residents are obscene. Purely punitive, a disincentive so they don’t have a lot of Americans ruining their places. We should reciprocate with extreme prejudice.

where to paddle Ontario
Check out Killarney Provincial Park, considered the “Crown Jewel” of the Ontario Parks system. Not a lot of rivers but numerous lakes (with connecting portages) to give you lots of ‘flat water’ canoeing, all surrounded by scenic highlands and very close by are the extensive waters of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay.

Cheers -Wayne-