Liberty Reservoir, Balt. MD--GOOD news


It is now permissible to fish from a kayak on Liberty and Prettyboy reservoirs.

For years, it has been forbidden to fish from a kayak, but it was OK from a canoe (must be run by canoe-snobs). In fact, kayaks were not allowed on the reservoirs at all until 2003. I think they got tired of me calling and asking why (no one seemed to know). So in 2003, kayaks were allowed on a trial basis, but fishing from a kayak was expressly prohibited.

One good thing about stupid rules is… they tend to go away.

Kayak Fishing
Thanks for the Good News.


I’ve never fished at either place
But that does sound like a real dumb rule. Do they allow you to fish standing on the bank? Nevermind. I also heard you had to get some sorta permit to use any sort of boat there, and also certifying your boat is zebra mussel free, something to that affect. Is that true?

Permit is required
to put a boat on the reservoirs ($60/year). You must sign an affidavit that you will use the boat ONLY on Liberty/Prettyboy/Lochraven reservoirs (to prevent Zebra Mussel infestation.) Fishing is allowed from shore.

People lie.

Not in Maryland. Texas maybe, not here

Am I to believe you after what you’ve
said about political corruption in your state?

Fishermen don’t.

What do you expect in a blue state?
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