Lido Key Mangroves

Would appreciate any info from someone who has been to Lido Key Mangrove tunnels. Where should we put in? How long is the paddle? Waht tide is best? Is the trail marked?

I have never been there, but here is a link with info on it. Apparently you want to avoid low tide or you may be walking your boat in the shallow parts. High tide on a paddle board might require knelling.

Been there, better if you have a short boat, 9-10 ft and minimal draft and a short paddle, 220. Long boat, long paddle and deep draft will not be fun!

I think a short canoe paddle would be good to have as a spare. In fact when I have done some of them in everglades it was in a canoe.

I like to paddle the mangrove tunnels in my 13 foot Epic GPX using a 220 cm two piece paddle. And a word of caution: when paddling among mangrove islands, keep a sharp eye for oyster bars. Those razor sharp shells are really hard on gel coat, even worse on skin-on-frame folders and inflatables. It’s been said that there are two kinds of paddlers in Florida waters; those who have run up on an oyster shoal and those who haven’t yet run up on an oyster shoal😊.

A two piece paddle allows you to seperate the paddle and paddle “canoe” style in low ceilings.

Don’t stop in the tunnel. The bugs find you when you stop…or crash into the side. Don’t let one that cannot steer go first.

Thank You!

I always have a no-see-um mesh headnet with me. I wear a wide brim hat and fast dry lightweight and light colored long pants and shirts. It helps when your in the sun and when insects are bad.