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Ok I am sorry to bring this up as I’m sure it’s been talked about before, but I can’t get anything to come up in the archives. I recently had the opportunity to take my rescued Corgi out in a friends canoe,(thanks Anne) she did really well, so I’d like to fit her with a cfd, and since she’s really short maybe some way to elevate her so she can see over the side without perching on the gunwales. I have a solo canoe, (Wenonah Vagabond) If anyone out there in Pnet land takes their pooches canoeing, please give me some tips. This is my first dog since I went off to college a hundred years ago, ok 30 yrs.ago.

Stay away from my ex
Otis was saved by a PFD but met his demise while out on a wok.

do a search using "dog pfd"
and you’ll find a bunch of posts.

If I had a corgy I’d be using a plank (like on a pirate ship) for his perch and a brick for his pfd…just kiddin

West Marine make pfd’s for pets

Dog PFDs
We’ve had great luck w/the NRS pfds for dogs. They come in a bunch of sizes and cost about 40 bucks or so. They seem comfortable for the dog and come with a really stout grab handle which, as with kids pfds, is a critical part 'cause that’s what you’re going to grab when it all goes bad, eh? Dogs can’t swim anywhere near as long as most people assume, so you are wise to fit your Corgi with one.

CFDs, canoeing

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Your dog will be much more comfortable in the canoe if it has traction. A cheap nonskid bathroom rug works well.

A corgi-sized dog could have an elevated bed/viewing platform without affecting the stability too much. Maybe make a stack of 2" sheathing foam and throw a rug on top?

If your dog is nervous about the canoe, try parking it on the lawn -- or in your living room -- and feeding her in it for a few days.

I learned the hard way to
take your dog for a fit…Sure they go by weight but the one on my dog does not fit well around the neck and she hates it…had to retrofit it.

If the store balks go elsewhere.

Sale…might work for you
Our dogs are definitely NOT waterbabies (not a real Siberian Husky trait anyway). But I was playing around on the net and saw this sale while looking at other paddling stuff. May or may not work for you but I thought the price seemed decent ($19.93).

thats the one that fits
my dog so poorly around the neck…the velcro doesnt grab and the buckle is right against her skin