Life time canoe fisherman

I have been fishing from my canoes for most of my adult life. I hope to continue fishing/canoeing/camping for many years to come. I enjoy combining those three interests. There is nothing like waking up on the bank of a river with the water gurgling and the birds singing. I have paddled many of the streams in Arkansas and Missouri. The smallmouth is what I chase after. I started making my own hair jigs to fish with because I couldn’t find what worked well for me in any store. I have found that the jig is the best all around bait for catching bass. Not that I don’t use other lures to fish with but I always come back to a jig\grub or a hair jig/trailer. I am fortunate to have a wonderful river just minutes from me here in NE Oklahoma. I spend as many days as possible on the water in my canoe. Probably 75 or more days a year. Keep paddlin’

half a lifetime
I paddle my local S.Ohio rivers as often as possible. However, rain keeps them flooded all too often. I have never really spent too mush time fishing with jigs as I find I catch plenty on buzzbaits and crankbaits. Spring is here fishing will begin shortly.

canoe fishing

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I too have fished out of my canoe, and kayak for 20 plus years. I catch lots of fish and camp at out of the way places in the wilderness. I rarely fish with a jig. I use a variety of lures, rapalas, spinners & spinner baits, crank baits, & soft plastics. I fish mostly in adirondacks NY and southern Ontario. I share your passion, and hope you have a great season on the water. Buzz