Lifetime Arrow Kayak adustable foot braces

I own a 10’3" Arrow Kayak. The very first time I took it out, I put my foot on the right foot brace and the brace shot off the entire assembly. I contacted the company and they told me how easy it would be to put the brace back on. I have tried numerous times and cannot get the brace back on. It is too small to fit where it should unless there is a secret to doing this that I know nothing about. One of Arrow’s customer reps gave me this information and it did not help at all.
Has anyone else ran into this problem and if so how did you remedy it?? I am looking for any information or ideas I can find.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Take it off the other side and compare the two. Try switching sides

Was this a brand new kayak? If so, why not return it to the store?

Can you post pictures of the assembly and parts?