Lifetime hydros

Does anyone have the inside dirt on the “lifetime/Hydros”? I found them super cheap and want a fourth yak for really skinny water. I don’t expect much from it as it only weighs 42 pounds . For this reason I expect easy portage which is a big button on small rivers and creeks late summer in Va… If you have one let me know what you think.

I would not expect much “skinny” on it. It’s a pretty generic discount store floating slab of plastic, wide and flat hulled. No doubt fine for slow shallow creeks or for fishing, but it won’t “perform” any better than any other cheapo shortie sit on top. Or any better than a truck tire inner tube, for that matter. Wouldn’t be suitable for anybody over 195 lbs and not safe for rapids or rough water of any kind (too flimsy and flat-bottomed).

Let me guess: $169.98 (with junky paddle) from Dick’s Sporting Goods? But if you just want a floating platform it’s a really inexpensive way to get on the water. That price is appropriate. I certainly would not pay $400 for it.

Thanks for your input. I found one for 138.60 & free shipping. I have a tarpon 120 outfitted rather nicely but just too big for places like Meechums river, or upper stretches of the Moormans. No tough rapids but not a lot of pressure either. I usually do pretty wel in small water. I fish with a noodle and 4 pound test so a foot long bass is right much fun. I dont expect a lot from the hydros, but a 12’ long yak in a 15’ wide piece of water is a little troublesome. Oh yeah, i got a nice paddle so will never use the piece of junk it comes with.


can’t beat the price
Certainly more useful than the flimsy inflatables in that price range. Sounds like it will be a good choice for what you need.