Lifetime kayaks

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with kayaks that lifetime makes .seen one that caught my eye and was wondering if I could get some opinions on them before I actually purchased one

They’re a budget-priced line of recreational boats, probably ok if you don’t expect much performance. I’ve seen them for sale in Dick’s; took a quick look at a couple and wasn’t impressed. The same company also produces such things as (low-priced) plastic patio furniture, which might tell you something.

The interesting thing about Lifetime Kayaks is most of them are blow molded from HDPE (high density polyethylene), like Prijon (German), Eskimo (German), Seaflo (Chinese) and maybe a few others. I was suprised to see the “types of kayak materials” page completely ignore this significant material and boat construction method.

My friend purchased two a couple of years ago. He just sold them both and bought a used sea kayak. That seems to be a common progression if you get into it. But if you just want to tool around on a calm lake they might be just the ticket.


Decent, cheap beginner boats for splashing around small lakes or ponds or paddling down very mild rivers to see if you are going to fall in love with the sport. When you do, you will quickly sell it and buy something better and safer…but the boat will have served its purpose. Lifetime Lancer 100 kayak review - YouTube