lifetime paddle?

hello, new here, was wondering if anyone has tried the lifetime asymmetrical carbon paddle? looked like a deal for what it supposedly is. around 98$ adjustable from 86-96 inches any feather possible. too good to be true? thanks for any opinions or info.

A few thoughts

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I haven't tried the paddle, but after checking it out on the web, here are a few thoughts:
(1) Is it a wing paddle? Hard to tell from the website, but it looks that way.
(2) The listed weight is 2.8 lbs, which is about 8 - 13 oz. more than what I would want in terms of maximum paddle weight.
(3) The blades are nylon (plastic) reinforced with fiberglass.
(4) Only the shaft is carbon.
(5) You can get a lighter paddle for the same price if you look elsewhere.

yes it is,
a wing paddle, and i wanted to try a wing, for the price that is mainly what i was looking at. if you have suggestions of other wing paddles for about the same i would like to hear them. thanks!

An asymmetrical curved blade is not a scooped wing ?

I doubt any intro-beginner-rec paddle in a

true wing scoop design would be what beginner

kayakers want to mess around with.

A spoon scoop wing paddle needs different stroke

mechanics to make it work effectively.

Re-check data and call if its what you want

Folding chairs and tables, garden sheds, patio furniture and kayaks and kayak accessories.

A highly focused company.

Almost 45 ounces for a “carbon” paddle!

Junk! Stay away.

that’s pretty funny!
(“Folding chairs and tables, garden sheds, patio furniture and kayaks and kayak accessories”)

I could use some patio furniture. Are
they offering a combination deal?

$ 39. , 49. , 99. on ebay …