Light 12' m/l kayak?......

I’m a confirmed canoeist, but my wife enjoys a 9’ rec kayak. I would like to get her a new one, probably in the 12’ range, so paddling longer days would be more enjoyable with better glide & speed. I’m so delighted with my graphite canoe that I really want something light, 20-30 lbs if possible, good secondary stability, and cheap if possible. Any suggestions?

Light & cheap?

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Those two words don't go together in the world of boat building...LOL...To get to 20 lbs you better include the word extremely fragile in the mix too.

Look for the thread I started called "Too Heavy?" You may get some suggestions on existing boats that are close to what you are asking for from some of the responses.


If Cost Is No Object?
I hefted a an Epic 12’ Rec GP this weekend. Less than 30#, but not cheap. About $1,600, I think, but not sure about that.

Kathy wants one.

For less than half the money you can get a Pungo 12 at about 48#

Used Poke Boat at 28 lbs
Sometimes you can find them under $500. At 12’ long and 32" wide, it’s not the fastest boat in the world, but it’s certainly faster than my less than 10’ long Percection Keowee I.

A Pungo 120 in Duralite may be

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your answer. I can pick it up with one hand.

How big is she?

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Her size narrows the choices.

Light means something other than rotomolded polyethylene -- either composite or one of the stiffer plastics -- which brings up the price.

A few possibilities:

Lincoln Quoddy Lite

Current Designs Kestrel

Hurricane Tampico

Perception Sonoma

Eddyline Skylark

Puffin 12

I would suggest
one of the Hurricane Auqasports boats. Cheap and light, great quality. Several rec boats to choose from and now a SOT. I hace a Tracer and the fit & finish are great.

Eddyling Carbolites??
Nice…a bit pricy ($1200)large cockpit…xlnt tracking and way above average speed…That said; a fellow (female )paddler has a kevlar solo canoe she uses with a kayak paddle…ablt to keep up with everyone and it’s light!!

Sonoma Perception 10
I bought one of these, it is easy to carry at 35 lbs. It is supposed to hold a good deal of weight and it does. It is 9 ft 11 inches, a very pretty bright shade of red, has a white bottom. It is light and easy to carry about. I think it is a great boat but my body fell apart ten years ago and was not ready yet for this boat so I am sticking with my heavier Pungo.

Perception Umiak
for paddlers less than 120ibs. My son had one a few years back. New under $500 used about half. Another boat to look at is a used Feathercraft K Light. Saw one in the ads here for $800… Great for travelling.

Prijon Capri Tour
I don’t think an adult can fit into the Carolina 12 seat (new name of the Umiak), it is a tight fit on my ten year old. I think you may want to try the Capri Tour. Only 42 lbs, it tracks so well it is hardest Kayak we have to turn (we don’t have anything larger than the 14 feet). It feels light and fast out on the lake- it is artificially crippled by Prijon for overnights by only having a small round rear hatch - just the right size for the small size dry bags.

Light canoe
I was out shopping and saw a new boat , the Vermont,

12 foot, Big Tupper . Its very light in Kevlar , with a backband and a little cain seat with foot pegs .If I hadnt recently bought a light sot ,the

Epic GPS , I would have picked it up(ha ha).

As a canoe , its far out .John