Light as Air Boats

I was not familiar with this company. They carry some interesting products. I
thought I would share it with the forum.

Inflatable Boat Store | Inflatable Boats Online (

I just checked it out with a quick browse. All the manufacturers are unfamiliar names. And it seems odd that they crow about how “light” their offerings are, but when I checked the detailed descriptions of a dozen or so kayak and canoe models, not a single one had the boat weight in the specs.

Yes, I noticed that too about the manufacturers. However, in their canoe section I did recognize both Merrimack and Adirondack manufacturers. I have a friend that paddles a Merrimack canoe. I primarily posted because so much of it was unfamiliar to me and thought it might be of interest to others, not so much a recommendation.

Real boats light as air - Ozone Pro carbon layups. Less than 1lb per foot of boat length. (18lb for the 20.5ft Vega Flex in Pro layup) :slight_smile:

The dropstitch canoes looked interesting and were mostly under $1000, but the small number of bladder chambers is questionable. The construction quality and material durabilty are super important for inflatables, so I’d be hesitant to trust a craft that cheap without seeing a good number of legit positive longer time user reviews. Not that I would be in the market for an inflatable canoe (I already have 8 boats between 24 and 37 pounds) but I am always on the watch for options to suggest to other people.