light paddler , ruddered kayak

looking for a friend and it occured to me that the choices for 5’5" 110lb paddlers is pretty slim in a ruddered kayak that won’t have too much windage. Any recomendations? 18’x22 kayaks don’t work nor does an Elaho Sport. I’m thinking of the equivalent to a Futura 16’surfski in a decked boat. The QCC600 has too much windage for someone who really is 100lbs. Ruddered,not skegged.

Afolpe Steered Me Toward This:

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Pat's "Mermaid" might be good.

Thanks Kudzu
LeeG, this person is exactly who we are building this boat for.

Specs in fast kayak/ smal paddler thread.

Check out QCC’s new ‘No name"
Just tell Phil you want Nanci’s boat.

She is selling her 600.

The new one fits her like a glove and she loves it.

She is 5’-2" and 122 pounds

It is 15’3"x 21" and has a small cockpit.

Both the front and rear decks are slightly lower than the 700 and much lower than the 600.

It has a rudder.

Her thigh braces are now truly thigh braces instead of knee braces like they were in the 600



Rudder absolutely required?
Welcome to the world of an average sized woman… but seriously, does it absolutely have to be ruddered? That takes some likely choices out of the equation, like Betsie Bay for small paddlers, the CD Rumour and the P&H Vela. Maybe the Impex Force 3 but I haven’t paddled it so can’t say.

While there is some argument out there whether these boats are small enough as well, the fact is that these boats are about as close as you are going to get that are available right now for the moment.

I know
I’m helping to spend someone elses money,you’re right that in commercial boats the skegged ones are the few choices about. I’ll keep scouting but it looks like this stealth QCC and Patricks Mermaid are it. Otherwise the Rumor and Vela.

These are weekend warrior folks,fit in cycling but not spring chickens. I’m suggesting they consider a couple of Futuras the 16’ and 19’

you don’t mind the rudderless crowd. I know a woman that weights in the 95 pound range. She ended up falling in love with the Mariner Elan. I’ve never paddled the boat and they aren’t making them anymore, but you might find one used to try. Just a sugestion, at her size, there are not many choices (maybe a rudder could be added if necessary)

Best Wishes


Hey Lee,
another boat that my wife tried out and fell in love with was the Serge.

The same old same old though. It didn’t have a rudder.

But that was one sweet kayak.

I think they are made in Maine.



I’ve got an Express, the Elan is a cut down/low freeboard Express,without a rudder a light person will be blown sideways very easily.

don’t really know anything about them, I just sugested to have a look if you can find one(trying to be helpful) just know that a 95 pounder that used to paddle a rommany, likes hers. Looking at the picture, it has a small built on skeg , but also some rocker…so few boats out there for anyone in this weight range that it would be good to look at all of them…probably only about 6 in the world to look at anyway.

Elan (not made anymore)

Qaanaaq (not imported yet)

Fource 3


Mermaid (not produced yet)



Anas Acuta

can’t think of any more small person boats at the moment (non of these boats produced, come with a rudder, but one could probably be added)

best wishes


I was going to say Elaho
The regular isn’t any wider than the sport, so maybe that would work. What is she looking for in a boat (aside from fitting)?

Elaho too big a volume IMO
At that weight she won’t get to the right waterline unless she is willing to carry about 30 plus pounds of weight in the boat for every paddle. I didn’t hit it 10 pounds ago at 125 when I tried these boats.

It’s a hard-chined boat, and will not turn from edging until it’s on that first of its chines. She can cheat with the rudder of course, but if she wants to push skills further or is out there and has a sudden rudder failure, she will be dropping over a good bit further than someone of the correct weight to manage the boat. It feels riskier for a newbie, and is just plain tiring.

I didn’t mention the Foster Silhouette. This boat is intended for the next size up paddler from the Rumour I believe, so she may be a little light on the wweight, but at 5’5" she could be right between them in terms of getting decent contact in the cockpit.

The pluses for the Foster designed boats is that they tend to be fast, so a new paddler has an easier time keeping up and they are good skills boats when the time comes.

Necky Tikani? Or BBK Idun (not ruddered
I’ve never tried the Necky Tikani, but it’s designed for a very small paddler, and people who have it seem to love it (it is ruddered). But it’s short–just under 14’.

The BBK Idun, their new boat for small people, might be worth checking out. But it’s not ruddered. I haven’t needed a rudder yet with my BBK Valkyrie (and I did have one on my Necky Elaho, which was way too big a boat for me, small as it is–and I’m 125 lbs, bigger than your friend). Occassionally I used the rudder on the Elaho, but I haven’t missed it yet on the BBK. That doesn’t mean I won’t miss it someday!

talked to Phil yesterday
this sounds like the ticket. Seems to be the only ruddered small persons kayak around. Thanks for the heads up. A no bulkhead/hatch version would be cool for lightweight.

Here it is.
It is the red one in the foreground.




Force 3

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At 5'1" and 120, the anas is big even with the ocean cockpit (and I need at least 50 pounds of ballast); the Sirius S also needs ballast; I have not yet paddled the Rumour but it is a pleasure to sit in; the Vela is too roomy in the cockpit. The Force 3 is pure pleasure. It fits, it moves where you want it to, and you can steer it with you butt! It has a skeg, if you need it. Recommend it HIGHLY! (Just one small person's opinion.)