light painting with kayaks and canoes

I apologize if this has been posted already, but I thought it was pretty cool.

so did I
and I wonder how it was done!

That’s beautiful.

Agreed completely…
…and just before I saw your post I put it up over on the Paddler’s Discussion forum!

wave forms
besides being beautiful, it’s really interesting to study the 3-D spatial tracking of the “wave forms” of the paddle movement.

didn’t care for it. Not my taste.

not too difficult
with something like this:

actually with LEDs that cycle through the RGB (colors) range. A bit more searching on eBay will lead to those.

Then a camera on a tripod and long exposure.

forgot to mention: the LEDs were attached to the paddle

Nice, but
here’s the way grandpaw woulda done it

with honest-ta-gawd incandescent lights 'n none of them fancy ellie-deez.

I don’t think any of my grandparents had a kayak, but, you know, if they did then they would have. Yep.

Great Stuff - But Where’s The Boat?
Love the pix, love being able to trace the paddle paths - but how’d he make the kayaks and canoes disappear? Curious minds and all that…

long exposure
the film (or these days sensor) on a camera needs a certain amount of light to record the subject.

When there is little light (notice the images are taken at dusk) camera is set to long exposures (let’s say 1 minute). The stationary background will reflect enough light to form a clear image while the moving boat is there for too brief of a time to reflect enough light and form an image. At closer look you might notice a “ghost” image or slight milkiness where the boat should be (a black boat/paddler will not show up at all). The LEDs in contrast emit a lot of light compared to the background and boat therefore we see the trail.

To simplify: think of those evening shots of street scenes where one can only see the headlights/taillights of the cars but no cars.