light weight - 12ft kayak

I may be asking the impossible here; but I was wondering if anyone makes a 12ft, light weight (40lbs or less), recreational type kayak. I’m 6’1 and 235lbs so it needs to be able to handle a load as well. I’ve demoed a 2007 O.T. Loon 120 and liked it but found it to be too heavy to lift onto my roof rack easily. There are so many kayak companies out there I don’t know where to start looking. I would be thankful for any and all suggestions. YakBoy1

Pungo 120 Duralite

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I went from a standard Pungo 120, 49#, to a Duralite, 39#, about two years ago. Good move for me. The Duralite has a stiffening keelson running through the cockpit and foam stiffeners fore and aft under the decks. I can one hand this guy, getting in and out of the water. I am very satisfied with this choice of a kayak for flatwater paddling.

Eddyline Skylark…
…and I have one for sale.

Maybe a Pakboat

Prijon Capri
12 feet

43 lbs

blow molded plastic

German made

Hurricane Aqua Sports boats
Very light. High quality. Made by an independent company.

Phoenix Poke Boat

pack canoe
Would you consider a pack canoe (a solo canoe designed for sitting on the bottom and paddling with a double blade, basically a deckless, easy-access kayak)? And are you willing to spend money to get one? If so, there are models from Placid Boatworks, Hornbeck (15 pounds!), Hemlock, Vermont Canoe, and Old Town (the Pack, probably the slowest and heaviest but cheapest).

– Mark

Also consider
the WS Tsunami 125 in Duralite. The Duralite boats are a few bucks more then the standard PE but definitely a significant weight savings without spending the kind of money you have to on a composite boat of some sort.

Good luck…

the winner and champeen…
in the lightweight rec 12 foot category is the Current Designs Kestrel 120 hybrid. Rec sized cockpit opening, narrower than a Pungo 120 (making it more efficient), and under 33 pounds. More expensive than a poly boat, but at under $1700 street price, very affordable for a composite kayak.

and thermoformed is the Delta 12.10. Weighs 38lbs, is medium chined, has bow and stern bulk heads and dry storage and full deck rigging. Kanawa magazine reviewed it a couple of months ago. I have been tempted to buy one.

Folbot Aleut
39lbs., stable, durable and easy to assemble.

or Folbot Yukon
42lbs., probably better for your size.

Epic GP
Great little boat. Good speed and balance between maneuverability and tracking.

Manitou, Pungo
The Necky Manitou 13 (actually 12’10") is a good little all-around rec boat and only retails for $799.00. It weighs in at 45 pounds. It’s “big brother” the Manitou 14 (actually 14’4") shares many of the same design features, plus additional storage and a skeg and still only comes in at 50 pounds. It retails for $999.00.

The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120’s are also very good and not terribly heavy (even in regular poly). If you do go with the Duralite option prepare to spend a few hundred dollars more than the standard Pungo and take extra care in how you handle and transport the boat in warm weather. Higher temperatures seem to make the boat more likely to oil-can.