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I have a light for the back of my Old Town, believe it came from Carlisle, on a 'pole' about 2 1/2 ft high. I was going out a couple of nights ago and when I turned it on I remembered that it has a flashlight type bulb in it. Works great, but was thinking that a bulb consisting of 3 or 4 LEDs would be brighter, not burn out, and take less power. Can you get an LED that will simply go in place of a bulb or go with a little retrofitting and persuasion?
I have heard that there is an led replacement for mag lights so might be for other bulbs as well.

There are LED
replacement kits for certain brands of lights, like Mag Light and others, but I’m not certain if there is a universal led flashlight replacement bulb.

i ruined mine
Trying to do the same thing. Mine was 6v which is plenty of power but leds are use specific some focus the beam outward and other have a 360degree pattern. This was about 5 years ago since then i have found they have it all. Take a look something will fit and work in that all around white light.

LED upgrade

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Universal bulb, might be too focused for your use.

I had a couple of incandescent battery nav lights, and noticed that the manufacturer had come out with an LED version. I wrote to them and was able to buy the LED modules to swap in.

I have one of these

A bit pricey, but it also serves as a lantern for your picnic table when camping. I find it TOO bright on the water, so I cover a part of it with a section of road bile tube.


Same light I use…
mine is on top of a 2 1/2 foot pvc pole that seconds as a flagpole.

the thing with LEDs is they need a diffuser to work well…sand the lens of the light you have now with fine grit sandpaper to rough it up and it will diffuse the led light to an all round glow…

check this link for the led placement in a ping pong ball full of dried epoxy…you can fill the lens cap with epoxy and do the same thing…

Led Replacements…
To replace your bulbs with led’s you’ll first need to find some bright LED’s. Radio shack sells 7000mdc white LED’s. Use three, and grind or sand the lens flat. They diffuse pretty well with no lens. Solder all the anode and cathode leads together and place a 2K ohm resistor in series with the anode. You’ll then need to figure out how to connect the leads to your particular light. Hot glue works pretty well gluing into your lights mount. I do mostly night paddling…so, I’ve gotten particular about my lights.

I’ve built all my kayak lights from scratch.

I use little 1 cup Rubbermaid tubs as domes… They are waterproof and they can be rolled without raking them off your boat.

I install 3 white 7000mcd leds, shining up into a 1/2 ping- pong ball diffuser, which can be seen a couple miles away, easy. The battery holder and LED’s all mount on a little 1.25" square circuit board. 1-2032 coin cell runs the light for about 20 hours straight. You can buy three of those cells for a $1 at the dollar store. At 3vdc, no resistor is required.

A bungee/shock cord tie down allow me to install these things anywhere on the boats including the carry toggles. I even made a red/green position light from 2 leds. These little dome lights can even be attached to the center strap of your led headlight for 360deg viewing. I use two lights…bow and stern.

Another really easy and effective solution…get an empty Jif peanut butter (plastic) or equal size plastic jar. Sand the inside with some 200 grit wet/dry to fog it up. Buy ANY led lantern from WalMart and drop it in the jar. You might also sand flat the jar lip to get a good seal. You now have a really bright, waterproof, LED position light. You can mount in on a pole, but I don’t…doesn’t like to be rolled.

thanks for the info,
will check them out, maybe even try making my own.

One thing I forgot to do was ‘knock on wood’ when making the original post about the light working great. I was out about 8PM that evening, turned the light on and headed out. Was on my way back about an hour later and turned to look at a buoy that was behind me and durned if the light hadn’t burned out on me. I have a spare somewhere, but will definitly be putting an led one in soon as I can.

thanks again


“Road Bile”? Sounds nasty!
I think I know what you meant to say, but I chuckled anyway.

on an old tent-pole taped to the stern.

cheap and works well.