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I own a Madriver Sunrunner. Bought it new in 1995 when I turned 40. It weighs a little over 60 lbs. It's fiberglass. It's 17' 2". I think it's time for me to admit I can't handle that much weight anymore so I'm looking for a new boat.

Just started looking recently. I'd like to keep the length about the same. I'm looking to keep it under 40 lbs.

I haven't tried anything yet. But, on paper, I like the look of the Swift Keewaydin 16 and 17. Also the Swift Dumoine and the Kipawa.

I'd like to look at Wenonah but none of them really intrigue me.

We do day paddles and an annual trip to the St Regis Area in the Adirondacks.

Any suggestions?

Why don’t you like Wenonah ?
We have two Wenonah Jensen 17’s and they are our favorite do all canoes.

The weight in Kevlar is 39 pounds

Jack L

The Dumoine is a river runner
It’s sorta slow on lakes. We used one for a while for rivers not over class 2.

The Keewaydins are quite manueverable yet track fine.

Not sure why you might need a 17 foot boat

The Kipawa is also a decent boat.

Wenohahs tend to be harder trackers. Yes they do fine in the St Regis Canoe area but better if you can heel them… There are some tight turns around bogs as you know.

You really don’t want a straight tracking WN… something like the Aurora might be a better choice

Where are you located?

Lighter Boat
The Wenonah website doesn’t list the Jensen. I remember considering that one when we bought the Sunrunner but did not like the dealer.

Lighter Boat
We’re in western NY. I guess I’ve gotten used to the 17 footer. I rented a 16 footer at Algonquin Outfitters on Oxtongue Lake for a day paddle and it seemed like I was paddling through canadian maple syrup. Thanks for the tip on the Dumoine.


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Try looking at a Northwind 17 - 17'6" from Northstar canoes. Weighs 41 lbs. Looking at these my self. Wife thinks our 64 lbs fiberglass Bell Northstar is too heavy. Northstar canoes is Ted Bell of Bell canoe fame new company. Why they had to call the new company after a model of the older company I don't know.

Would really like a Black Gold Bell Northstar but sadly are no longer made and impossible to find used. Looking for something similar. So will be watching this tread closely.

Lighter Canooe
I thought Bell was out of business. Just today I found out about the Northstar brand. I’ll be doing some research on them. Have always thought Bell was one good looking boat.

I as in solo?
Yes a 16 foot tandem paddled solo can feel like gunking through maple syrup…

But I thought you were “we”

And hear I am
at age 62 moving to wood canvas. Ah well, to each his own.

love the feel + looks
Love the feel + looks of wood and canvas hate the weight. Built a portage cart for long carries. Still have lift it on and off the racks and into the water.

Keep looking
BG Northstars on the used market aren’t that rare. I bought one a few weeks ago and had seen a couple others come up for sale as I was looking.


so he said
’know what I need ’ ? an ultra light canoe"

look in Padnets classified section…

Hemlock Canoe Works
Are you close to Hemlock, NY and Hemlock Canoes? I’ve never tried one, but have coveted their solo boats from afar. Their Eagle tandem looks like a nice boat too. If they’re close maybe that’d be worth a test paddle?

Let us know what you end up with.

I don’t see many BG Northstars,
not with aluminum gunwales, anyway. At least not within a one day round trip drive.

Call Wenonah
They still make them

Jack L

Try a Hemlock Canoe!
As another post mentioned Hemlock Canoe Works from Hemlock NY. My solo Kestrel weighs 30 lbs. It is super stable and tracks very well. I tried several solo canoes and Hemlock felt the best. Are you at Paul Smith’s this week or next?

Lighter Canoe

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I bought my Madriver from Dave Curtis at Hemlock. I'd consider the Eagle but it weighs more than I'd like.

Lighter Boat
Hemlock is about 90 minutes away. Bought the Madriver from Dave Curtis when he was in his previous location. The Eagle goes 49 pounds. I want to be below that. Would love to buy from Dave again. He’s a real stand up guy. I’m watching his used boats.

Lighter Boat
Thanks for that. I see that the Oak Orchard Canoe website says that too. Looked there when we bought the Madriver. Did not come away with a good impression so I’d have to find another seller.

Lighter Boat.
Will be in the ADKs next month. What’s going on in Paul Smith’s?