lighter weight sit on top

I am an avid fisher, after many years of fishing from my kayak (sit in) I want to go to a sit on top to fish. All that I have looked at are heavy, since 99% of the time I am by myself, is there an affordable sit on top under fifty pounds? I am five foot one inch, I load into the back of my pick up, any suggestions?

SUP Board?
I know a few fly fisher folk that seem to like using them to paddle standing, sitting or poling.

Just an idea that should be under 30lbs.

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Dependent on the types of water
and distances you want to paddle, you might consider one of the shorter SOTs, say under 11 ft or so. I have an Emotion Temptation (length 10.5 ft, 30in beam, and < 45lbs). My brother-in-law (in the UK) has a Perception Scooter (9.5 ft long), which is pretty much identical to the Feelfree Nomad available in N. America. Both are excellent platforms for fishing in rivers, lakes and coastal areas. They’re not very fast though.

SOTS, irrespective of their weight, are more difficult to lift than other kayaks. look for one with side handles. Moulded-in-handles are the best.

Check out these folks
Select the “under 50 lbs” box.

Elie Horizon 100
might fit your criteria – affordable, light weight (43 lb), back-of-the-pickup-ability.

they make an angler version but seems to me it would be a better value to buy the less expensive base model (available for as low as $400) and outfit it yourself.

Hurricane and Eddyline
both make light weight SOTs.

I agree that SOT are a lot more difficult to lift and carry, with no cockpit to rest on your shoulder. The Bic Bilbao has a stern wheel that might make life easier and is maybe worth a look.



A website for more food for thought.

Also, if you can find one … the Epic GPX SOT is nice.

got a bum foot from running, sitting is my option now, but thanks.

Interesting boats. The most unprofessional corporate video I’ve ever watched.

Solo canoe
As a woman tired of lifting 50 plus lbs of badly designed plastic boats started fishing out of composite touring kayaks and finally solo canoes.

I presently fish and do long distance trips from my Hemlock Kestrel. The wenonah vagabond was my favorite solo fishing canoe and even in royalex less than 45 lbs.

You have other options to heavy SOT kayaks.

lighter weight sit on top
Emotion Kayaks are very light!

Someone mentioned below, also Eddyline and Hurricane are light as well both made from durable thermoform.

Depending on how much gear you need on board, a SUP would work for a simplier solution. Check out this cool fishing site,

Venus 11 by Ocean Kayaks
depending on your weight