I recently went to Walmart and bought a 3 pac of BIC lighters. I tried all three and all of them were hard to light. I had to try several-many times to get a flame. It was hard to roll the flint igniter and the flame - unadjustable- was small. Fine for a cigartte, but inadequit for fire, especially cold in an emergency.

Did I just get a bad bunch of BIC’s or are most of them like this?

I see other lighters for $15-20 and even $40.

Are they any better?

Any info/suggestions will help



took a grill back to Walmart
I asked the Greeter where to take it and complained about the broken stuff neatly wrapped in the box - never opened until I got it.

She whispered in my ear “that’s what you get when shop at Walmart”.

how about a butane lighter?
Those have long stems and a trigger for lighting fires. Since we’re kayaking, there’s more than enough room for a couple of those and they’re dirt cheap. When we camp, we often have one or two of those in our group. They are also handy for easily and safely lighting stoves and lanterns.

Fix it
Take a small screwdriver and pry the metal covering off the wheel (child proof crap) and lighter should light easier.

Take off the child proof lock.

If the lighter is for starting fires, maybe get one of those long ones for BBQ. Refillable save bucks in the long run.

I put a Bic in a match container so it doesn’t get wet

try Djeep lighters
See if you can find Djeep brand disposable lighters, locally. They have an adjustable flame that can be set up high to around 4". They’re easy to use and seem to be better and last longer than the Bics. They’re not very expensive, but you may have to go to a cigar store to find them. Luckily, a local wine merchant carries them. I don’t smoke, but I’ve usually got one of these in my kit. And, I probably ought to put one in my PFD.

HIgh end lighters storm jet lighters
I bought mine for about $7 buying four at at time for buddies. Need to use a metal tipped refill. Mine sat out in my front yard throuh a ner england sihnter and spring. Whe I found it it sparked first time.

the Djeeps are good for disposables.