lightest and shortest touring boat

is there a touring kayak that is 12’ or less and made of kevlar or carbon? and with a cockpit length of at least 29" ???

i’ve been collecting boats for a while and am looking for the lightest i can find but still have some ability to track and i dont think anyone has made a kevlar WW kayak…

Your thoughts please.

Check out “Lincoln"
Check out the “Lincoln” line of kayaks. I had a Lincoln Chabeaque. it was 14’ long, and in kevlar/fiberglass layup, it weighed 33 Lb. The all Kavlar is advertised as 28 Lb. The cockpit on this one was 28.5” long.

They make one shorter, I believe it is called the Quoddy Lite. I believe it is around 12’ long,and the weight is even less. I am not sure of the cockpit size on this model. They make pretty nice kayaks.

Lincoln is advertized here on P-Net, do a search on their kayaks,and check them out! I liked my Chabeaque.

Kevlar WW kayak
Look for slalom boats or downriver racers. They’ve been composite construction for decades.

Chect westside boat
$$$ but a great boat maker. covering distance on a 12 foot boat will not be easy though.

Westside RPM
I believe the Westside RPM (downriver racer) is 15’ and 15 pounds, with a large cockpit.

but it isn’t going to hit the market till…




Impex Mystic?
Length - 14 ft. Width - 21.5. Cockpit - 16 x 30.

Kevlar - 39 lb. Carbon Kevlar - 37 lb. Paddler weight: 90 - 180 lb. (Longer than you mentioned, but maybe weight would make the difference.)

Why short if you can have light?

Epic Rec GP?

Merlin LT
Eddyline Merlin LT - Polycarbonate

Length 13.5’

Beam 23"

Depth 12.5"

Cockpit (LxW) Keyhole 31½"x17"

Weight 42 lbs

Capacity 325 lbs

I have paddeled this one for 5 years… Nice boat

(the Nighthawk is better but is 16’)

Just my $0.02

I’m just contrary
but I don’t think a 12 foot boat is a “touring kayak” . Most "day touring boats are 14’-16’ and serious touring boats are generally 17’ and over.

But maybe I’m wrong?

thanks for all the answers
i dont know why i didnt think of lincoln because i’ve got an Eggemoggin…

and plenty of other touring boats (Eggemoggin,QCC700,Nordkapp Jub.,W.S.Arctic Hawk Pro, etc) but am looking for a ‘swamper’ that is super lite! some of the places i’ve paddled were not in favor of 17foot long boats and some of the places i’m headed would prefer a short boat…i just dont want to get a 50 pound boat if i can avoid it.

There is an Epic of that length, I think
Might be closer to 13’ long, but they make a rec-type kayak in Kevlar that weighs around 40 lbs (?).

A couple of friends have these. No word on their performance.

The cockpits are ENORMOUS.

looked at the lincoln Quodd Lite
nice boat at 36 pounds and 12’3" but the cockpit length is 28.5 inches…and that means slide in just like with the Eggemoggin which is 29inches, so i dont know about it though other than the short cockpit it would be perfect-even has hatches front and back.

Looks like i’m back to the Perception Swifty but its 40 pounds, so why not just take the old Acadia?

Swift Saranac 14
Take a look at the new Swift Saranac 14. Cockpit 31" x 16.5", adv. weight 32 Kevlar, 36 FG and 42 Trylon. Not 12’ or less, but handles really well, both turning and tracking. Another David Yost design.


Phoenix Cascade, Wildfire & Slipper
All about 13’, all cockpits 30" x 17" and all less than 30lbs.

Hybrid kayaks
I just bought a Riot Stealth, which is considered a “hybrid” kayak. I already have a serious sea kayak, but now that I’m paddling on flat inland lakes and rivers rather than the Pacific Ocean, it was overkill. The Stealth is 12.5’ long, 45 lbs, and the cockpit is I think around 32". I’m used to a sure-tracking boat so I got it with the optional skeg. It is supposedly usable on rivers up to class III–I wouldn’t try it for that personally, but I feel like I have something I can take on local rivers and tackle a minor rapid or two.

I’ve only paddled it at demos, but should be getting out and about with it this summer, so I’ll be happy to report back!

Also, I have a friend with the aforementioned Eddyline Merlin, and she’s been very happy with it.

Lincoln frustrated me when i was looking
I really liked paddling my Chabeaque, but the rerason I had to get rid of it was the short cockpit length. I had a bad knee, and it was hard for me to get in and out of the 28.5" cockpit length.

I wanted a longer kayak, as well as a longer cockpit opening. I sent an e-mail to Lincoln, and they replied back telling me to check out their Cape Neddik Kayak, which was 16’2" long. This is exactly the length I wanted. The guy who answered my e-mail, said this kayak was designed for a paddler larger than would use the Chabeaque. WOW, I thought!

Guess what??? They made the cockpit opening even a little smaller than the Chabeaque! I was really frustrated.

How can a company say they designed a new kayak for the larger paddler, and make the cockpit opening even smaller than the last one??

Go Figure!