lightest inflatable kayak for ocean use

Please recommend an inflatable kayak or folding kayak.

Id like the lightest most portable kayak for backpacking. Living in south FL id also like something with good quality that I will be able to use frequently mostly in salt water. Ive been looking at advanced elements advancedframe II

I like it but I wish I could find something lighter since 42 lbs is alot to be carrying around.

I really appreciate any recommendations. thank you

An Atatl and there is a Feathercraft K Light plus adverised in the pnet classifieds.

Innova Solar
weighs in at around 22 lbs, i believe. The Junior model weighs less, but is pretty small. I’m not sure about the salt resistance of the hull material - I believe it required a good rinse after use.

I have seen very positive backpacker reviews for the Alpacka Pack Raft, but I’m not sure how it would do in a salt water/ocean environment. The weight is astounding - 4-5 lbs, depending on the model. It’s designed for river floating and short crossings. Probably worth a look.

other suggestion?
Not too sure I would want to paddle the pack raft for a few miles … looks like its best designed for floating on rivers …

Any other suggestions anyone?

Homebuilt Inflatable Sea Kayak
Below is a 4 page link to an inflatable sea

kayak I recently built called the “Sonnet 18”

(18’ X 23" X 25 lbs). The size and shape

compare favorably with hardshell sea kayaks.

The weight is much less however and assembly is

consistently under 10 minutes.

This kayak is technically an inflatable / folder

hybrid as it combines 4 sponsons with 3 aluminum

stringers to obtain it’s shape and rigidity.

A smaller 16’ X 21.5" X 20 lb version is nearly

completed. Free plans and instructions for these

boats and a double version will be available on

my site in June or July.

On the commercial side, the Grabner Discovery is

a nice inflatable sea kayak. Just be prepared

for sticker shock.



Second the Innova Solar