Lightest, most portable kayak cart advic

I have a need to move my 17 foot, unladen sea kayak (approx 65 lbs, including gear)on a regular basis about 100-150 yards down a paved road to a small boat launch, stow the cart on the boat, and again use it upstream on a very hard pack (almost concrete-like) portage.

I need a simple kayak cart that is lightweight, small, and can fit in the dry hatches easily (super small or easily taken apart). Ideas for me?


Wayland makes one

Use it for Wepper and it is ok for hard surfaces, useless is sand or mud.

Egads! Check the prices! Make one.
It seems the prices for these simple contraptions are over the top.

There are plans for making kayak carts online, which is what I hope to do - out of either PVC or bamboo. The problem, so far, is finding a source for the lightweight wheels (am checking into stroller wheel replacements, tricycle wheels, etc.)

Also, making a kayak cart allows you to customize it so you can be sure it fits in your hatch.

Thanks, tsunamichuck and Angell.
Nice pic of a “low profile” cart, TSC. Gives me a neat idea about using the garden hose. Good.

Yes, Angell, would be nice to make… there is one on ebay (there are many on eBay, actually, see here:

called a Boat Buddy–floating white PVC ones on eBay–that might be a nice home project with a saw, PVC glue, and pipe. You;re right, the tires and axle are harder to find.

Maybe a modified skateboard bungied at the very end of the yak (to accomodate for tilt when pulling), like a piece of luggae, would work. Thinking outside the box here.

key west paddle sports
had one called the stern sport which I have. don’t see it on their site anymore but there is a reference in the text. I just wrote to them to see if they still have them. It is a hard rubber v on an axle. As simple as you could make it and exactly what you are looking for.


BTW Key west paddle sports is not a paddle sport company…just carts it seems

Golf carts
I buy golf carts at thrift stores and convert them or use the wheels to make a tail dragger. The wheels are wide and very light. I can usually pick up a cart for $3-$5.

Wheeleez "kayak mini"
works well for me. Balloon tires will even go over sand. It assembles and disassembles fast and fits in hatches (at least VCP-size hatches).

This one works well for me

There are lighter and smaller ones, but if it doesn’t stay on, its useless. This one from REI is in that category. Light, small, but doesn’t secure well to the boat:

That’d be ideal, Paul. Tell me if reply

Paddleboy & DIY
Paddleboy: I like and use their designs. The small end cart will easily fit in a hatch. The air-filled tires are well worth the extra cost if you have to travel over sand or rocks.

I don’t know about the quality since they were bought by Seattle Sports; the carts are now manufactured in China.

The Molly is the cheapest, around $70.

DIY: You can get inflatable wheelbarrow tires at most home & garden stores.

Is this what u mean, like trilliumlake

very similiar but that v looks like

the one I have is hard rubber.

will send a pic.


Light, Portable Kayak Cart
If you are looking for a light portable kayak cart that will easily fit in your kayak hatches, the absolute best one I have found is Freya Hoffmeister’s cart. As far as I know she builds them herself, and you need to order them from her (from Germany) but they are great cart. It is a very unique design that collapses to almost nothing. They are also well constructed. There are only two downsides to this cart. It is very expensive and once you order it, it will take six to eight weeks to arrive. But if you are willing to spend the money, and can wait a few weeks for it to arrive, I don’t believe there is a better cart out there for what you are looking for. The website link to the cart is: Hope this is of some help to you.