Lighting Equipment for Underwater Viewin

This might sound a little wierd but one of the things I really enjoy about paddling is the ability to see what is under the water. I have been going to a local reservoir that has some immense cliffs that extend far below the surface of the water and I was hoping to be able to see further underwater by using some good lighting at night. Any suggestions? Obviously that will require something that can have the lens submerged to avoid reflection.


I thought about the same thing for a different reason-there’s a couple ships laying in shallow water nearby so i figured at low tide a light could make em visible from the surface.

Idea#1-Diving light. powerful and waterproof but probably very expensive.

Idea #2-a couple powerful headlamps, in a clear lexan jar with a weight attached to sink it down, and a rope attached to the lid so you can submerse it. all of this would only do ya good in clear water. if water is murky you’re SOL.

Idea #3-any kind of a big powerful flashlight should work. just don’t stick more than the lense in the water and let water drain out .

what is the visibilty to start with?
what color is the water???you might not be able to see anything but a murky glow if the viz sucks…

dive light is the best way to go…pelican makes great ones!

it’ll take WATTS
the cheapest way to do it is get four floating 6v lantern flashlights and rig them on a frame,mounted behind the cockpit, two to each side with the lens submerged and angled forward a bit. Cheap floating lights can handle a few inches of submersion. After that expect to spend $100’s of dollars for good dive lights.

Cabelas underwater viewing system ?
The underwater camera and screen systems start at about $200. May not be what you need, I just think they look kind of fun.

Check the fishing departments of
sporting goods stores. There are all sorts of lights designed for night fishing, including what’s most popular now, green lights. The all run on 12 volt batteries. But, water, just like air, will reflect the light back at you if there is a lot of suspended stuff in it, so you will need pretty decent visibility without the light. Of course, if you just want to see pretty fish and their behavior underwater, go to the nearest aquarium.

four of these at $6 each, wrap the lens with tape just to be sure about the water.


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there are two at Wal-Mart (Evil, Evil Wal-Mart)...

One is a tube designed to be submerged, with battery clips for a battery...(Use a Motorcycle battery, or a like type gel-cell)

The other is a light in a styrofoam ring that floats, with the light facing down....

Both are designed to attract fish to your boat while fishing....


Dive lights, or calume light sticks.

Here’s what I was looking at
60,000 candle power 8C cell lights, and then the one below that (big bucks, HID, 415 lumens). The water where I paddle is fairly clear, can see 6’+ underwater without a light in the dusk/overcast conditions that i usually paddle in. Water is blue to blue green depending on location.

I’ll look at the pelican lights too, sounds like a good start.

A few of the places I paddle are unbelievably crystal clear, just not much light in the first place so it should be fun.

A decent dive light
that runs on regular batteries can be had for around $50. Don’t expect a wide beam, and you will have to add wieghts as most are designed to be positively boyant and often float beam up.

If you aren’t going to be diving, you
may find the el cheapo fishing lights are better for what you want. The one with a foam collar floats lens face down in the water, gives a pretty bright light, and has a broad beam. Its also a fish attractant.