Lighting for dusk and dawn

Hi, can someone recommend a white light when kayaking at dusk and dawn. Local authorities are enforcing having a light in your boat. Thank you

We got a good one at Ducks Works
on line.

It has a suction cup and is battery operated.

The only problem with it is you have to get out of the boat to flip the switch on unless you can reach it from your cockpit.

I am not sure of the name of it. It is across the road in our boat barn.

Jack L

This one?
Kayalu Kayalite Kayak Light.

LED, compatible with any SINK, SOT, canoe, SUP. Claims 200 hours on three AAA batteries.

Makes a set of full navigation lights. It’s the red\green bow light and white stern light on a post. They attach with inadequate plastic C-clamps, but a little ingenuity can go a long way. Around $35 at Walmart. I’ve been able to actually find it in stock in a couple of stores, but you can always order it.

I went with these lights on my boats because the Coast Guard actually requires the full navigation lights in the Buffalo inner harbor.

waterproof flashlight

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A waterproof flashlight should meet the coast guard regulations of having a white electric light or lantern that you can turn on in time to show your presence to avoid a collision.

I use a waterproof Petlz type headlamp most of the time.

If they are enforcing a local rule or some other rule, let us know what the specifics of that are so we can provide advice.

Local authorities have an amazing ability of screwing up the laws. The state’s boating laws apply regardless of what the locals say. Show them the laws if you need to.

Normally paddle only craft are required to have a light to warn other boats if they approach. Standard boat running lights are worthless on a paddle craft specially kayaks since they are so low in the water no one would ever be able to see them unless it was a flat calm. Any waterproof flashlight will work fine.

Bill H.

Other thread
There’s another thread here about the Luci light, it’s solar-charged, no batteries. The frosted waterproof one could be clipped to your deck rigging.

Best light so far
Since I started to use one of these Kayalite I have not be stopped by the Marine Patrol while fishing on the coast at night. Attached to my PFD: one See Me LED Strobe and a Fox40 peals whistle. Headlamp is for working on fishing tackle, an extra 6AA battery flashlight for safety.

150 lumen flashlight
$15 at Academy sports.

I like the deer shining light

Clips right to my deck bungees and I can see to the next county.

Kayalu makes good stuff.