Lighting Paddles

Anybody know of any Lighting Paddles for sale? They went out of business and they made a paddle i liked. Vaughn Fulton

What model & length
I have a 220 cm offshore fiberglass, 0 and 45 deg. feather, I would be willing to part with. Otherwise, you might try contacting:

Ray is a very nice guy to work with.

His website says “Note: Lightning Paddles has been sold to Robson of Germany. Several of the Lightning models are now being produced by Robson. We are working to bring a shipment of Lightning / Robson Paddles to the U.S. for immediate resale. Please check this space or contact us for more information…”

Maybe these paddles will be available again soon.(?)


Thanks Mike. I’m looking for a Standard Sea Touring . Vaughn Fulton

My favorite paddle
Good luck with your search for a standard sea. They are really sweet paddles. I was lucky enough to get one before they went out of business. They do show up on the internet every once and a while. Just keep looking.


A quick google search turns up a carbon standard sea at the RICKA eClassifieds:

Thanks. I’ll check it out. Vaughn Fulton

lightning paddle
in the p-net classified 7-26-07 210 fiberglass, offshore model. check it out

Don’t Remember
What they are called but I have two, (my first two paddles), Lightning paddles. I think they are called the standard tour paddle. They were both purchased as one piece, 220cm, and 60 degree right hand paddle. I have since cut one down making a 205cm two piece paddle and I am keeping that one. They have what is called a lite fiberglass handle and carbon blades. I would part with the unmodified one as it is just gathering dust.


I have two Lightnings for sale
I have a Lightning two piece touring paddle. This paddle has a blue fiberglass shaft and white fiberglass blades. 230 cm.

I also have a Lightning all-carbon one piece high performance touring paddle. 205 cm, RH70 degrees. Very very light.

I’ve switched to a wing paddle full time.

860-514-3763 or email me.