Lights 4 Night Paddling-Back deck mount?

I have one of those 360 degree white lights for night paddling. My plan is to attach it to the back of my PFD; however, it seems to me that I have seen mounts for these types of lights that consist of a suction cup and a rod that allows you to mount in on your back deck, thus providing a better radius of visible lights for others to see.

Anyone know where I can get something like this? Seems like it make you a bit more visible than just hanging the light from your PFD.



This is what I use

Duckworks has them
Here you go, suction, flange or clamp mount. Around 20 bucks

And combo bow lights, same price

I use this

but have seen long, flexible light mounts that give more visibility because they’re above the paddlers head. When this breaks or gets lost I’ll switch to that system.


I use a C-Light from ACR
About $10. Not very bright, but it does twinkle. I bought a large suction cup from the hardware store (~$.75) and a package of 4 rubber end caps for chair legs (can’t remember the diameter, but the C-light fits in tightly) - maybe $1.75. I drilled a hole in the bottom of one end cap for the nubby thing on the suction cup to fit through and glued both pieces together with Aquaseal. For under $15 and 5 minutes of work I have the equivalent of what is commonly sold for $25-30.