Lights on an SUP

I am a newbie to the SUP world and am always up at 5:30 and love the calm water at dawn on the lake. I had some bike lights and an underwater Malibu magnetic light for my spa, glued a large washer to front and off I went this morning. Had a ball. Since an SUP is not motorized I guess I am OK as far as the law goes. Mainly so the fishing boats out that early will see me.

Nice use of lights.

Around here the coast guard suggests a single white light for a paddled craft. A water proof headlamp works pretty well, you can find models that are submersible made for caving for about $30. The advantage of the headlamp is that it can be seen above the water and above most waves when entering or exiting harbors where there is boat traffic.

Agreed, generally paddlecraft don’t have the directional red/green lights. I don’t know if it’s specifically prohibited or not.

You may want to consider limiting the angle of view of the red/green lights. If you can see both of them from the side it could be very confusing and/or dangerous (for you) because at some angles your direction of travel could be mistaken by others.

Wow, looks great. I take it those lights are waterproof?

Another option is a light that you can strap to the shoulder strap of your PFD. Any kayak shop or dive shop will have these. Much more visible than a light at water level. Another advantage is you will still have a signaling device if you become separated from the SUP.

Headlights are also fine, but if you are paddling with other people and wear it in the normal forward facing position, you end up blinding the person you are talking to.

White light is all that is required. No strobe. That is considered a distress signal on inland waters and can be confused with a navigational marker.