LightScribe problem

Anyone out there have LightScribe on their PC? My new PC does, and last night I burned a bunch of pictures to a LightScribe CDR, turned it over, set up one of the pics as the label background, typed the title, and hit “record” and the PC spit the CD out. The HP software gave me the message “not a LightScribe CD” or something to that effect. I tried another disc, with the same results.

Do I need to get some other brand of software? Has anyone else had this problem?


have you tried
a different brand of disc? Sometimes drives can be picky about media or maybe you just got a bad disc.

There are 2
different formate of CD & DVD; +R and -r. Are you using the correct formate for your computer?

You need a special lioghscribe cdr
You need to buy the new lightscribe cdr’s for use with the lightscribe burner. You can still write files to the old style discs, but the lightscribe functionality will not be available until pony up for the new style discs.

Although I like the lightscribe concept, me thinks the old cdr’s were getting too cheap, so they had to find a way to get more money per cdr from us.


Careful Reading
will reveal that I was using a LightScribe CDR, you know, the ones that say “LIGHTSCRIBE” on the wrapper, jewel box, and disc?

Did I mention that I had purchased CDR’s that were labeled “LightScribe”?

Thanks for the help.


OK - - you got the right stuff
1) did it come preinstalled on your PC

2) if not, did you do the installation

3) If you did, did you follow HP’s instructions explicitly - - no if’s ands or butts

4) if not, you have MS Windowz drivers which are rarely the correct ones per HP

Not being a smart a$$ here, but these are the same questions I ask every time someone complains about HP (No I don’t work for HP) Almost always, I find that the default MS Drivers were installed, and they usually do not work as well as the HP setup.

Typical enduser response.

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Nice sm@rt@$$ response to someone that was trying to help you. Yeah, I reread the post, and am soooo sorry I missed the "LIGHTSCRIBE" wording. Getting a little salty are we?

Did I mention there was no charge for this support response. BTW, did you search the pnet archives or do a google search before wasting every paddlers' time on this (off) topic.

You might want to call HP or check their support web site... or do I need to reread your post because you already tried that too? BTW, Good luck with the latter. You are on your own as far as I am concerned.


I was
just going to let it go and remember not to reply to any of his other post.

Ice Ice baby
I agree, the more I thought about it, the more I had to respond. Geek Squad this ain’t!


Not OT
The pictures I was burning were from a boating trip to the Chesapeake Bay.


Way to go Jim!
Now you’ve inflamed a couple folks who have never interacted with you in a post before. Now they are never going to help you again. What will you do? ;>)


P.S. I know nothing of “lightscribe” so sorry.

Since you know me personally

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you know just how irritating and confrontational I can be. Between me and N.T. we will antagonize everyone on this board if given the chance!

LightScribe is a CDR drive that allows you to burn a label directly onto the disc. Not just letters, but photos too. It must work, 'cause Topher burned cd's for the Gentlemen's Tortoais Reserve trip with a phote on the discs. I most probably am not holding my tongue in the correct attitude.


not sure but…
I always burn the image on my lightscribes prior to burning the information on the disc. This is what my owners manual says to do. I don’t understand how the burner would know that it was either a LS cd or not as the image side of the disc doesn’t hold any information that the reader/burner should be able to tell what type of cd it is. Not sure what software HP uses on there’s so that I can’t help with but the LS burners are quirky, I’ve had mine replace twice now for just crapping out on me for no reason… good luck. And not to thrash on anyone else here, but if someone feels comfortable asking a question on a forum that is usually friendly and helpful, why all the negativity towards it. No it’s not a computer forum but I’ve seen lots of “off topic” posts here. Maybe the mods of this can setup an “off topic” forum if this is a problem for the rest of you, I personally don’t have a problem.

Have a nice day

DJ. Cofell

not sure but…
it doesn’t matter. I usually burn the cd first, and then do the light-scribe stuff.

I tried both ways.
Failed on both accounts. I shall dig deeper into HP help.

A gracious Thank You to all who responded.


How I Do It
I use Memorex printable labels and their Express-it software. So far I have been very happy with the results.

My lightscribe burner
Came with surething software as a label program. It has worked for me and I would also say reinstall drivers oof the HP disk. Mine hasn’t failed me yet.